Tennesha Crying Tears Of Joy After Overwhelming Response From Public

Tennesha Greene

Tennesha Greene who two days ago was at her wits end is now crying tears of joy after residents at home and abroad responded overwhelmingly to her call for assistance.

Greene, the unemployed mother of four children went viral this week after telling of her hardship brought about mainly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She posted an update today to thank those who had assisted her in various ways.

“I did not expect that this would have gone viral…I was just frustrated and I didn’t know what to do. I did not expect all off this, any help or support. I was just hoping to meeting people who were going through the same thing as me. I wanted us to just cry together,” Tennesha said in Facebook live on Thursday.

Greene a former call center employee and hair dresser said shortly after going public she raised over $700 to go towards her rent. After that initial sum several other individuals also make contributions in cash and kind.

“There are so many people who reached out to me. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone so much not only for the financial support but for the tough love,” she said still crying.

Tennesha received so much assistance that she says she can now help other single mothers in the same predicament.

Before going public Greene owed her landlord more than two months in rent. She says her troubles are far from over but wanted to pay it forward by helping others.

“Mammy is crying because she is happy,” she told her son who asked why she was crying.

“I never knew you could actually feel love like that…there past two days for me and my children have been ecstatic. People were coming in here like it was KFC Drive through.

“We need to start helping each other out we are our brother’s keeper,” she said.



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        • The woman published a false report and you all fall for it. You all just want to see breeding season open again enslaving people.

        • I agree with Evelyn and just saying, breeding is the problem here it must be addressed. People think it’s mean to speak on it. But we have to address the issue. If you can’t catch your hand and you no job. TAP BREED . It’s the responsible thing to do. So to all the people that want us to shut up about the breeding , are you saying we can’t tell this young lady to make better decisions?

          And to all the people saying she can’t breed if she want to. We agre. She can have 10 kids it’s her right but please stop asking hard working people since she don’t work no where to feed her kids when we can only afford to have and raise one or two. She can have as many kids as she wants as long as she is feeding them. And in this case it’s clear.. she’s asking the public to chip in


          • So if she is asking hard working people with 1 or 2 kids, do they have to give? You hypocrites and parasites. Fire bun!

          • I agree with you. It’s not fair for you to bring a child into the world and cannot provide for that child.


  1. I really hope her story is real and she nah play pan people sympathy in them trying time. I’ve see this before people coming on social nedua crying their eyes out and the public feel sorry for them throw up money to help them only for it to be one scam! Not saying the young lady is a scam artist but just know they are out there and they will use this crisis to their advantage.

    • all i can say is that i cant see someone earning 6000 monthly and living in a mansion driving a Benz asking for help this shameful way on facebook. she needed it. so if you ain’t happy bout it, i pity you

  2. @Just Saying and Scam artist are real and some of them live in Antigua! yall did not contribute so get off here with all that nonsense. I hope someone/company is able to provide her with a job(ik its really rough rn) so she can continue to maintain the necessities of life for her and her kids

    • True say me know ah fu me phone fu me data plan and ah fu me opinion I said what the f I said. Me nah boun fu gi nobody nuttin. Me say some ah them with them cry cry story ah damn scam artist and me ah talk from experience. Some of them ah use corona fu scam suckers like you. Me really hope she story is real or me go laugh me rass off when me some of you good samaritan come back pan de same social media fu go bwal that aru min get duped.

  3. To ‘Just Saying’: Last time I checked, all babies, irrespective of the social class in which they end up, are conceived in the same way, with the exception of course of artificial insemination. Using your own vocabulary therefore I suppose you will proudly proclaim that during a “breeding season”, my father did breed my mother, and that breeding season and that breeding act gave me life. Try to be respectful of/to others.

      • You really should just shut your ignorant mouth if that is how you respond to civil discourse. You are indeed an empty vessel just making noise.

        • @Just saying hope you not throwing sympathy corn to exploit. The day she realised after the first child she had to go court fuh get money she supposed to tap breed! Not go after number 2, then 3, then 4. And by the way all the empathy you waan show you gee anything…or you want subben in return! Nasty.

  4. She is saying we need to be our brother’s keeper. Well she needs to find a job and not have anymore kids! There are too many people out here who are trying to be responsible and live right and make good life decisions and then there are those who don’t think about the future, and are lazy and complacent.

    She keep saying she fell on hard times since covid but she hasn’t worked since 2018. Smh

    What kind of life as a young woman you think you can have eight 4 children. Especially if you don’t get up and work?

    There are people here who are saying don’t talk about her and her children or that those who y’all about her breeding mean but as a community we need to uplift each other and this woman needs to be told about changing her lifestyle .. This problem goes deeper .. when they have young men out there with a bunch of kids they can’t feed they will go rob and steal and then that creates more problem my dear put more value on yourself… there are people who fell on hard times that have been working..she didn’t stop workin due to covid she stopped working years ago when the call center closed.

    So many people after the call center close went and look work but she with her 4 children stayed home and do ‘hair’ smh .. that’s not hard times that laziness

    • In my opinion… there are many hair dressers who are making plenty money but since covid she was unable to do anyone’s hair and a lot of persons lost their jobs so are you going to call them lazy too ? My cousin is a hair dresser with 2 children to feed is it her fault too ? Before this you’ve never had of the young lady asking for nothing so just shut up ….the father lost his job too who’s fault is that ? Nobody is hiring now

  5. I know Tennessee personally.
    None of this is due to covid, she is always like this. This girl is young and does not like to work. She has never held a job for a long period of time. She didn’t work at the call center for a long time.

    She plays the victim and use her children and when she beg somebody to give her a job. She will work at the place for 2 months and then say she don’t like it or she can’t go work. Sometimes she just quit the job and don’t even give them notice.

    So she make the person who beg for the job for her look bad.

    She would have had more children but I think she either throw away or miscarriage 2 children.

    Trust me she is not done breeding

    Again I know her personally. A family member use to help her with one particular child and if she keep asking for something and she don’t get it she stop talking to you which is what happen with my aunt..

    So I guess people will help her but people have always helped her but she s very lazy.

    Even she do hair .. yes she can braid but If you need your hair braid she never show up and you have to go all over to go look for her .. and she want to stop and go somewhere and tell you come back tomorrow to finish .. she is not professional at all. So people don’t go to her.

    • If what you say is accurate, this girl has a real problem. Breeding season is no excuse. People not stupid.

  6. I can see it being difficult for her to find reliable and ‘cheap’ childcare for the younger two, which might be the reason she’s resorted to doing hair as opposed to a more steady job. I do believe her having all these children back to back to back has added to her despair, but I want to believe her not working is not out of complete laziness.

    Hopefully all these donors have shared more than just money and food supplies. What she needs is knowledge. She needs empowerment, she needs the opportunity to learn a skill and have a trade, I don’t know! But the little she receives for this period won’t help her in the long run, she can’t be a begger by profession.

    She sounds like she tried it with the first two fathers (men who could help her) and she got tricked. I’m sure there’s more to those stories also. Thank you kind Antiguans who gave sacrificially. I personally will not be giving a dime.

  7. Same how she could have used social media and tell her sad story should could not use it to help grow her business as a hair dresser? I’ve seen a lot of people use social media to expand their business even in these hard covid times. She just playing victim and using her children as bait and u people fell for it hooker line and sinker. Me can bet she nah go use this free publiscity to grow her business but in the next few months go back pan facebook and bawl bout life hard for her as a single mother.

  8. Melchisedec June 11, 2020 at 2:00 pm
    Having children in this era is a choice. Birth control is no secret.

    It is cruel to bring children into the world to face such hardship.

    Why add to an impoverished situation by having more babies? This is not sensible.

    One should have as many babies as they can afford.

    It is most irresponsible to further burden the society with unplanned babies.

    Why is it she has no family support? Perhaps her condition is her doing.

    Never allow your emotions guide your reasoning. 1 2 3 4 is not 4. its a process

  9. Miss If you are not moving out of the man house please use the excess money and pay rent for the upcoming month/months….pay in advance….at least you will be sure of a roof over your family’ head. People will give you food but not shelter. It is nice you got so much that you want to pay forward to someone else, but the realest thing you can do is pay the money towards your rent….and if you pay in advance it gives you a little buffer as well as create a good relationship with your landlord. How is it we can’t say things good with me, let me pay my rent early or pay a month in advance? No….but as soon as things hard we expect the landlord to have mercy on us.

  10. Some of the comments are totally uncalled for , disgusting and disrespectful! How does it saying she had a miscarriage or an abortion helps? Did anyone took the time to asked her about family planning? Can she afford it? What role does the father and extended family plays? It takes a village to raise a child! And we wonder why society is the way it is today!!! How does these nasty comments helps the next person who falls on hard times and want to beg for assitistance.
    Instead of belittling the young LADY how about try help her find a job? How about you help by telling others about her skills? How about you try to uplift the LADY with some positive attitude! You guys are the same to quickly quote the bible when it is convenient for your purpose! OMG!
    SOME of these comments should never have made the light of day! I am disgusted! Who made some of you judge and jury, for either parties? How about you find some common grounds and solid advice to resolve the issues for both parties involved ! Not because she posted her situation on social media gives the right for all the nasty remarks. Sometimes we need to think and be not so quick to response. Use your energy for good!

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