Tenants Advised To Get Rent-Payment Moratoriums In Writing


Tenants who run into financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are being encouraged to speak with their landlords to arrange a payment plan.

However, Jo-Ann Peters, the Press Information Officer at the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division, warned tenants should make sure any change in the tenancy agreement is made in writing.

“What we do not want is two and three months down the road, we’re then receiving a complaint, you know, my landlord said that I could have a two-month waiver and the landlord two months down the road may say I didn’t say two months, I said only a month or it’s not four months, it’s three months”, she said.

Peters stressed “it’s imperative at this time that any restructuring of these tenancies regarding the payment of rent, ensure as much as possible that it is placed in writing. If you do not have the facility to type it, a handwritten note is quite sufficient, sign it, date it, ensure that the tenant has a copy and the landlord has a copy as well.”

“I wish I could say no but actually yes, tenants you still have to make good on your rent payments”, Peters said revealing many tenants have called asking if they still needed to pay their rent.

“What you need to do, however, if you are experiencing any sort of financial difficulties, if you have been given a reduced work week, you’re now unemployed, don’t know if you’re going to receive a wage or salary then as soon as possible you need to inform your landlord”, she said.

Peters explained “at the division, we are unable to set the terms and conditions of rent agreements. That is not in our purview that is for the landlord to do so tenants as soon as possible if you realize I’m in a spot of a financial bother as soon as possible indicate that to your landlord”.

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  1. COVID19 strategy

    1 Zone the country by establishing the parishes and Barbuda.

    2 Create strategic check points maned by soldiers not police offices at borders for parishes.

    3 No one is permitted to move outside of parish.

    4 Establish medical icu facility, hospital, quarantine, police, supermarket and media etc in each zone.

    5 Curfew 24/7 with a hotline to call if supplies runs low. At no time should anyone one be allowed on a public road without calling the toll free hotline first.

    6 Supplies should be delivered to homes period.

  2. There is no doubt that the tenants will take advantage of this crisis to their benefit…… what would be in place to protect the landlord should moratorium agreement is not lived up to??

    • Bluddy Bloke- I am experiencing the same thing now. No explanation from the tenants, not even a written request stating their hardship. Just no rent. And the nerve to say that I should not be calling to ask for rent and I should watch the news. It appears that they are Ones who are not watching the news and feel entitled. After all, this is a pandemic. I will see them in court afterwards. Stay safe.

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