Teens found not guilty of rape


STATE MEDIA: Two teenagers have been acquitted of rape following a trial this week.

A jury of 6 females and 3 males deliberated for some two hours before returning their verdict that the two 19 year old males were not guilty.

They had been charged when they were both 16 following an incident on the 26th of March, 2019.

They had been accused of raping a 14 year old girl on the farm of one of the country’s secondary schools.

However, the two males had consistently countered that the complainant had consented to sexual intercourse.

The two young men were represented by attorney Wendel Robinson and the case was tried before Justice Colin Williams.

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  1. Can a 14-year old girl consent to sexual intercourse, what am I not understanding in the of the land

    • If I recall correctly, there’s a little caveat when both, well all, parties are minors and 3 or less years gap in age between them, THEN it becomes an issue of consent between the parties BECAUSE all are underage. Age of consent may be 16 but age of a legal adult is 18.

  2. 14 can give consent aye. Nowadays what girl at that age na know wha gwan ? From the time she feel dutty when she reach home she can tun round and say dem rape she or maybe she nah get the bread and cheese dem promise she.

  3. I’m bewildered too. How can a 14 year old CHILD give consent irrespective of the perpetrators age???

  4. I know it is supposed to be ridiculously low and perhaps it is time that we agitate for a change and raise the age of consent if it is indeed below 14years of age.

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  6. The age of Consent is 16 years old the charge they should have gotten is called uncarnald knowledge I think

  7. The boys was given the wrong charge. There is Rape, Statutory Rape, and Sexual Intercourse
    Sexual Intercourse is when the male is less than three years older than the minor female and sex is consensual. She was 14, they were 16.

    Statutory Rape would be if tthe male is more than three years older than the minor female.

    The provision of these different charges is a good thing in my opinion. Two 14 Year olds having sex should be a much lesser charge and punishment than a 50 Year old male having sex with a 14 Year old girl.

    The Police mess this one up

    • @BJ
      Thank you for the explanation.
      If it is so, how will the police prosecutor & AG be held accountable for the lack of justice to this girl and her family?

      How will AG & police now persuade the public that they actually understand the severity and lifetime damage sex crimes have, and their will to get it right, prepare a case thoroughly and get results that show a crime has been committed?

      This case is concerning as it perpetuates the ‘she say yes, it’s fair game, man did nothing wrong, no matter her age’ mentality.

  8. Many years ago,a very,very,senior politician in Antigua got a girl pregnant. They went to Parliament and changed the age of consent to reflect that age of the girl. The boys were 16 years old when the alleged matter happen. That politician was old enough to be her Grandfather.

  9. I lost a case in high court that I was 100 percent in the right without ambiguity because of poor legal representation. Right now Wendell Robinson is taking all the well learned attorneys and prosecutors to the cleaners. He is getting off guilt as hell pmurderers and all sort of criminals on technicalities, such as , how the police carried out the investigation or how the charges were written up or how the prosecution presented the evidence in court, which is normally poor . However, if they are truly guilty of raping the girl- karma is in its way. Unless they confess and apologize to her and ask God’s forgiveness.

  10. You people need to wake up, a 14 year old child can not give consent but their are 12 year olds walking around with belly from big men that knows better. I’m not living in no fantasy land with y’all. These 12-16 year olds hotter than us.

  11. All – Please read BJ’s explanation. Wendell is a good lawyer. We need now to balance that with good prosecutorial abilities, or perhaps they spending too much time on facebook reading what people say about them.

  12. Earlier when I said that the police mess this case up with the wrong charge, I should not of stated that as fact. I should have stated it as a possibility.

    The other possibility is that the girl told the police that the boys forced her and she never gave consent. The Police and prosecution now have an option of charging for Sexual Intercourse or the more serious Rape. Sexual Intercourse will be easier to prove but the penalty is less. And if they choose Rape and the defense can prove consent, it’s not guilty and the police cannot have another another try.

    Same reasoning why police will drop a murder charge and instead go for Manslaughter

  13. Great explanation BJ.

    But sad to say, we are all caught up with our emotions when it comes to the law. Quite frankly if the law was emotional as we are, we all would be in trouble with the law, or in other words, find ourselves on the opposite, facing the law; because almost every step we take we may have broken a law or two, according to emotions.

    The both explanations that BJ gave is accurate. Jumping to the last one, where the police can only charge the alleged young men as according to what the girl, the alleged victim’s story is/say. So if she came to the police and said the boys dropped on a stone on her toe, when in fact she did not tell them that they went with her shoe, they can only charge for assault, and not charge for theft/larceny etc.

    So yes, to sum it up, policing does not start with the police but with us and how we say, see, consider and evaluate things. 🙂

  14. Them boys need a tearing bull bud all over and inside them. If it was me daughter, they would be wishing they were dead but death too easy for them. They wouldn’t have any meatballs afterwards.

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