Teen Found with Firearm


A 19-year-old youngster must find $3,000 to give to the state after being found in possession of a firearm.

On December 7, Dwayne Williams, a recent secondary school student, was found in the Villa area with an empty gun on his person.

The police received information which led them to where Williams was standing.

Not only did the police find the gun and an empty magazine on him but they found another empty magazine at his home in Villa.

The young man appeared before Magistrate Dexter Wason on Thursday with his lawyer Wendel Robinson.

He was ordered to pay a fine of $3,000 by January 8.

SOURCE: Observer

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  1. It is time for these perpetrators be fined & confined. The confinement should be one of hard labour as a form of community services. There are many govt structures that need maintenance. These youngsters need to feel the full brunt of the law.

      • @Zackie … Smile!!! Thank God u have found the wisdom in what I am saying.

        I am sure that in the future you & Brixtonian will acknowledge & concur to many more of my thoughts.

  2. We need to use the tough arm of the law and military to put an end to this nonsense. However this can only be the short term plan. In the mean while we have to bring all stakeholders together and take a serious look at our education system. While we celebrated one student passing 23 subjects, where are the 23 drop outs. While we celebrate the opening of a 5th cruise ship berth,5 more gangs are formed. While we talk about an economic power house, the moral fabric of our country is being destroyed.
    I hear our leaders speak of wealth accumulation. I do not here anyone speaking about civic pride. We have university of the West Indies in Jamaica and Trinidad two of countries competing for top honors in murder rate snd kidnapping.
    I hear of talk of taking this country to another level. What are we doing about the lower levels. So it’s about wealth accumulation, especially by those that hold the reins of power. Little do you know those delinquent, drop outs, left behind will become the thorns in your flesh- the criminal elements, that can destroy the economic power house overnight.
    Unless we have holistic development of every man, woman, boy and girl , no sustainable economic power house can be achieved.
    In the days of VC Bird the village raised the child. In today’s environment policies influence the child. We need leaders that and not about wealth accumulation but the holistic development of our nation. God bless Antigua

    • @ Frankly Speaking: Where as I do understand that a govt should play their part in curbing crimes, my question to you, what is your contribution as a resident towards these ills. Many of these so called criminals are cultured within the homes. Let’s not overlook the great advice from one of the American presidents ” is not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country “

  3. Strange…just charge him $3,000.00 to the state and no interest as to where he gets the weapon…cut down a tree but left the roots to sprout again. These guns are coming from some where…and its not the so- called criminals importing or smuggling them into the country.
    Are we not interesting as to where these guns are coming from.

    • This is how serious we are about youth violence and gun control. Where are his parents ? OMG jak, The man have 2 mags. This is just outrageous.

  4. Where did you get the gun from son and what did you intend to do with it? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  5. He was already charged and sentenced by the Court ordered to pay $3,000 by January 8,2022.I thought there was a mandatory jail time for being in possession of an illegal gun and or gun magazine,in Antigua and Barbuda.

  6. Jumping over someone’s fence and stealing their Mango’s is one thing, but to get caught with a lethal weapon as gun is another thing, an illegal one at that. This is on a whole nother level, only to be fined, are you kidding me? I live in the states where I can go anf buy as much legal guns one can have, and I have never held or shot a gun in my life. I told you’ll the state of Antigua will soon turn into Jamaica, and many are just thinking I’m bad minded against Antigua,no I’m not. This little nation is perishing at the core. Smdh. I am passing through their again in a few days, and I won’t stay one damn day in this island (normally I do). This has become a damn joke, no man!!!

  7. Bloody Bloke – Of cause it is understood that we all have a major role to play. I mentioned bringing all stake holders together. I used the word we several times. Even who we vote for, will decide on the social programs. Then as parents/ grandparents, aunts, uncles, elder cousins we have our role to play. Community development and the school within our communities- assisting the police to stamp out vandalism of our schools etc.
    However without proper government policies, without proper leadership living by example we will get no where. So our focus as s nation, as a people and government must be each endeavoring all achieving.

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