Teen Charged For Church Break-In


A 14yr-old boy of Jennings was arrested and Charged by police on Monday with several counts of Sacrilege.

The minor is accused of break-in into the Jennings Wesleyan Holiness Church on three separate occasions, between 1st and 2nd September; October 20th and 26th, and November 25th and 26th, 2019.

He is further accused of break-in into Bolans Pentecostal Church, between October 13th and 14th, 2019 and the Bolans Seventh-Day Adventist Church between 13th and 15th October, 2019. He was further charged for break-in into Cedar Hall Moravian Church in Jennings, sometime between October 27th and 28th, 2019.

During the latter part of last year the police dealt with a number of reports of break-in into schools and churches, where valuable items were reportedly stolen. Several additional security measures were implemented by police to address the situation.

The police continue to urge parents and guardians to become more involved in the daily activities of their children; paying closer attention to their whereabouts and their associates.

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  1. You mean to tell me that Satan followed this ‘ don’t know his nationality’ yet youth into all of those churches?

    • @Loretta Harrigan, He could have been an Antiguan born and one of his parents could be a non-national…just saying.
      As a Native born Antiguan who live here all my life over 50 years, I have never heard of such an alleged criminal act accused by any teenager or anyone. Antigua is changing rapidly and its culture to before very our eyes.

  2. A 14 year old… What can be running through this young teenager mind to be accused of these crime?
    Where are the parents for this young lad especially his father who should be there to help mold him into a good young man? Both parents should be locked up.

  3. What his nationality have to do with it ?????? … I’m tired of coming on here every time a similar story comes up oh ” he’s/ she’s a foreigner / not from here ” and you’re missing the bigger picture of the story ” pay more attention to your kids ” it’s parents like some of you are why kids are the way they are! #foolishsetappl #ignorant

  4. All over this world has thieves; and for the record this new school & church & who knows what else thief is Antiguan by bone marrow so don’t try deny the fact.
    It doesn’t matter about nationality or anything so stop the BS about foreigner or Local ! STOP !###
    A thief is a thief, mabe if children has better parenting they will not be left in the supervision of Lucifer and his alloys. PARENTS OR GUARDIANS ARE TO BE BLAMED ! THEY SHOULD BE JAILED !

  5. I hope the police gave him a good hiding. What kind of lowlife breaks into a church? These people have no respect for nothing.

  6. I just may sound a bit controversial at this moment but i am of the view that what was done by the 14 yr old youngster, it is a reflection of our society and the child’s home. No longer are we our brother’s keeper…. No longer does parents have time to instill moral values into our kids. As a community we have become very selfish…..Hence, the kids are left on their own seeking to develop an image for themselves…… In addition the churches are not even seen on any high esteem now, bcuz some of the members who perhaps hold high position, are no longer separating themselves from the carnal behaviours of the world. As a result, the respect for our churches is lost.

    • For this 1 person who chose to break in, there are COUNTLESS others who CHOOSE not to. The choice of the countless others is also a reflection of society.

  7. No matter what his nationality, this kid is one sick puppy. Who raised him anyway? This kid is a product of his upraising. No excuses, please. The little devil is gonna pay for this one.

  8. Turn him over to the Church Ladies. They will pray the hell out of him. Once they’ve worked him over, he’ll be a new kid. Bring it on. The Church Mothers can handle this one. Hell itself trembles when they call upon the Name of Jesus.

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