Teen back in care of her family after missing report


Jadah Prosper of Lightfoot who was reported missing has been found, lawmen have reported.

A family member reported that she was found and is back in the care of her family.

This report was confirmed and follow-up investigations are ongoing into the matter.

The family and the Police wish to thank the general public for any information provided regarding this matter.



  1. Is it that she is found and is back in her family care and everyone is happy. She is 14yrs old. Did they take her to the doctor to have her examined? What is the police investigating?

  2. You know, this story upsets me to the core. What step have been taken to prevent this from happening again next weekend? Are we saying that it is okay for a child to leave home for days and then return as if nothing has happened. I think this child should be held accountable for her actions, and the person who facilitated her during this time should be held accountable as well. This is not good enough. One of these days (God forbid), a child will go missing and because it appears to be the norm for young girls, the nation will not take it seriously. It will be ‘just another story’. What will happen when there is a legitimate need for alarm?
    Something needs to be done.

  3. This is exactly why I wrote what I did… We have seen this script before. So… Who is being charged with HARBOURING A MINOR????

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