Technical difficulties plague Teenage Pageant Competition





St. John’s Antigua and Barbuda. 22nd July 2023…. – The Department of Creative


Industries extends its heartfelt apology to our esteemed students, parents, sponsors, patrons, and supporters for the unexpected challenges experienced during this year’s highly anticipated Mr & Miss Teenage Pageant Competition. Despite weeks of hard work, relentless practice, camaraderie among peers, and dedicated effort, unforeseeable technical difficulties had an unfortunate impact on tonight’s production.


Our 14 brilliant, beautiful, and talented teenagers showcased their exceptional skills and devoted countless hours to ensure their presentations were of top-tier quality and flawlessness.


We want to reassure the general public that the technical difficulties were unforeseen. Our team is committed to identifying the root cause of the issues and taking appropriate measures to prevent similar occurrences in future events. The adjudication was not impacted.


The Department of Creative Industries would like to express its sincerest gratitude to our sponsors, parents, schools, and well-wishers for their unwavering support. Without your generous contributions, this event would not have been possible, and we remain grateful for your commitment to our cause.


We deeply regret any disappointment caused to our attendees and participants. The passion and dedication displayed by the contestants and organizers will not go unnoticed, and we are committed to making every effort to rectify and improve future productions.


We understand the high expectations associated with our pageant, and we assure you that our team is diligently working to rectify the situation and provide a better experience for future events.


Once again, we extend our sincerest apologies and appreciation to all involved parties for your understanding and continued support.

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  1. That committee should be fired indefinitely! As Island Academy representative said last night make it make sense. This apology is just a mere plot to do damage control. Even ABS Patrice Martin showed how upset she was with the way they disenfanchised the children. That show needed to be cancelled and returned to for a fresh start on another day. Off to a bad start for carnival. There is absolutely no reason that that show had to be 7 hours long and I even heard complaints that the backstage crew and the committee were horrible to some of the trainers and well wishers backstage. This is just sad that in 2023 we in Antigua still cant get it right!

    • Shut up with your sour gripe!! The judge’s decision is FINAL!! The elitist hoity-toity Island Academy did not win!!! Datta bun u baxide. Two PUBLIC SCHOOLS took the crowns:

      Princess Margaret and Sir Novelle Richards

  2. Truth be told, if the devil riding you and send you to look for me this blessed day, tell him you cant find me and you and him can go crawl back into the pits of hell and do whatever y’all do down there!

    My comment had nothing to do with private vs public schools winning a pageant. You want to label me as being sour? Then I will wear it like a badge of honour because the school i spent 5 years to obtain my secondary education WON and its because of our resilience and our strength, why we are able to produce good men and women!!!!

    So now, take your misdirected anger and channel it elsewhere! My comment had nothing to do with the ‘elitist’ school. I REPEAT, the sound system and committee needed to cancel the show and do a repeat on another night if they couldn’t get it right! So what? Because I made reference to the very amusing piece Island Academy did saying ‘MAKE IT MAKE SENSE’, I am suddenly elitist and ‘sour’ that the school didn’t win? Clearly reading and comprehension were NOT your strengths in public secondary school. But I know for me it was, soooooo, I SAID WHAT I SAID! There was NO reason for the show to be 7 hours long, NO reason for ALL of the kids to be leaving the grounds after midnight the previous night to return for 7 30am, the day of the show, and still return for 3 30 pm the same day of the show to perform for Antigua, and NO reason to have to go onstage and then feel disheartened, frustrated and go through an emotional rollercoaster because of ‘technical difficulties’. You could see the level of disappointment in their faces. Grammar School, Academy AND THE WINNER, (who WON the show hands down). I support and love that kid because not only is he from a ‘public school’ as you were so quick to point out, but he is also BARBUDAN and not a lot of times they are placed in the winning circle!

    Anyway, back to my point, It’s 2023, sound systems and stage management needs to GET IT RIGHT or BE FIRED!! If they don’t know what they doing go get training so Antigua can step up to the level of other countries!

    So if you’re looking for someone to start an argument with because of your unresolved issues??? Find another means and dont try come for me unless i send for you. NOT TODAY SATAN!

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