Teachers To Sue Over Strip-Search


Acting Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney has vowed to respect the legal process in the face of legal action by teachers.

The teachers from the All Saints Secondary School are taking legal action after what they call a degrading strip search by police officers last year.

In confirming that course of action, President of the Antigua Barbuda Union of Teachers Ashworth Azille told state media that the matter needed to be handled very delicately “and we’ve chosen to take the legal route.”

He said union is supporting its members but is not the one bringing the action.

In October 2018, 14 All Saint Secondary School teachers reported that they were strip searched by police.

This was allegedly done as police investigated a report that $4,500 which was left in a handbag in the staff room was stolen.

According to reports, Lawmen strip searched the male and female educators and instructed them to squat and cough.

Director of Education Clare Browne who received a report on the matter from the police summarised that the police felt “things went in accordance with police procedures.”

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  1. Common sense should have prevailed but I guess some overzealous police officer didn’t think about the dignity of the educators….. Sorry guys when we mess up we should admit it, accept the consequences and move on….. Mr Rodney, I am sorry that senior officer needs to be retrained

  2. if the police ASKED the teachers if they can strip search them and the teachers CONSENTED they may have a hard time proving their case since they CONSENTED and PARTICIPATED WILLINGLY.

    On the other hand it may be in the publics intereste to settle the matter rather than allow it to go to court.

    But then again the court procedure may benefit publics awareness and testing the Constitution in court is always a plus…


    Investigators do not know, let alone reporters.

    Other than the report by a person, ‘…How does one know that money was actually left ‘…in a bag and was stolen?

    Not sure how the investigators would seek to convince a tribunal that they had ‘…reasonable suspicions’ that the ‘…14 suspects collectively colluded, stole and distributed the money among themselves or agreed to be kept by one teacher’ without credible evidence that it ‘..factually existed.’

    Interesting news.
    Clearly reporter’s choice of words, but the situation or case was never one that needs a ‘…vow to respect legal process’ in civil litigation.

    In the instant situation, what would happen is that there would be ‘…three joined-defendants;

    (i) …The Attorney General;
    (ii) …Commissioner of Police; and
    (iii) …Investigators.’

    The ‘…Shanique Myrie Case’ [CCJ. Appn: No. OA 002of 2012], not only makes it easy to appreciate or understand the unfortunate, yet apparent ‘…humiliating and degrading treatment of the educators and ancillary staff,’ but also the indefensible ‘…reckless, insensitive and unlawful actions’ of the investigators.

    While the naive and simpletons may express contrary views, (fully respected), the investigative approach appeared to have ‘…brought discredit to the reputation of the Police Service,’ than it had enhanced it.

    From a professional perspective, ‘…Refresher Courses’ might be needed to guide future investigations of this nature and to avoid repetitions.

  4. Who makes the decision on the site when these things happens? is it a junior rank police or is it one senior officer.

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