Teachers Say Online Teaching Is Burdensome


Teachers say they have been operating at a disadvantage using the online teaching platform.

Since the closing of schools in March, educators have been utilizing various online platforms to deliver lessons to their students, who remain at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this year’s State of the Union address, the Acting President of the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers, Tasheba Frederick, says teachers feel burdened by having to use this new teaching method without first receiving the proper training.

Further, she says, teachers initially had to use their own resources, such as Internet, to disseminate lessons.

Accordingly, Frederick says the Ministry of Education has inconvenienced teachers, who are often blamed when students perform poorly.

Since teachers are always being placed under the microscope, Frederick says that policy-makers should be held at a higher standard, and they should also be evaluated on the performance of their duties.

The Acting Union head says there needs to be a clear plan, going forward, that will allow teachers to function more efficiently.

Since the remote-learning initiative was launched, Ministry of Education officials have given the impression that the new methods of teaching were proceeding without major concerns by those tasked with delivery of the lessons.


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  1. The faster the teachers adjust, the better it will be for all. It’s the new normal and the wave of the future. I definitely understand that the transition was abrupt! However, in my experience, if the leader is excited, the students will be excited!

  2. The world has changed and will never return to the old normal again. Well…they say, until a vaccine is available. That could be some good time away. Until such a time, social distancing will be the new normal. Can our schools when open to full capacity facilitate social distancing ? I will say emphatically “NO” ! Many of the classes are 30 + students and for social distancing to take place; must be reduced to at least 15 students.
    The schools in their full capacities do not have the space to effect social distancing.
    Are there nurses stationed at the schools presently ? In the event that asthmatic and epileptic students have attacks, what measures are in place to assist them ? The solution CANNOT be the old normal method.

    For the education system and eventually commerce in general, here is where the 5G internet comes along just in time. A savior at the doors. Well, that is what they tell us. With Covid-19 being with us for the foreseeable future, then it will be a VERY RISKY BUSINESS to have students and teachers inside of regular classrooms. Hence, the implementation of 5G internet with its FAST and RELIABLE connectivity will become the new norm for teaching/learning activities.
    The old norm is becoming obsolete and the new norm of online education will dominate.
    The truth is though, no one really knows the actual dangers of 5G internet. The whole story behind the technology has not been told. Yet still….it will be an integral aspect of our lives going forward.
    When we consider preschools and daycare centers, it is scary to think about. How practical can it be to effect social distancing among these age groups ? Almost impossible ! Remember children may not display visual symptoms of the covid-19, but they can easily transmit it to their parents, grandparents.
    These are the things that our health officials must look at before rushing into the reopening of the schools.
    Everything have changed. No way can we fool ourselves that this world will be the same again.
    As I observed how the Caribbean governments are handling the crisis, I must salute the leaders in Trinidad and Tobago. PM Rowley and his health officials have been really on target with the plan they set in place. A country of 1.3 million people, testing has been significant and contact tracing excellent. The 6 phase plan for reopening of the country is commendable. Nothing done haphazardly. Kudos to the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

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