Teacher Throws Clock, Injures Student


A primary school teacher is under investigation by the Ministry of Education after an incident in the classroom.

According to reports reaching ANR, the incident occurred at the Jennings Primary School last Wednesday.

A female teacher of the school reportedly threw a clock at one student but she missed and hit another student.

According to our source, the little girl was hit under her eye and was later taken to the hospital.

The Ministry of Education, Science & Technology confirmed an incident took place at Jennings Primary School last week but did not give details.
“The matter is currently being investigated and a report is to be submitted to the Director of Education,” a brief email statement said.

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  1. Really now! A clock!? Thats the best thing this teacher could find to hit the child? Most schools especially government schools allow a teacher to discipline a child based on their actions….but to throw a clock…even worst to miss and hit an innocent child!!…..i pray to God that he sustains me from stupidity as this cause me really no want fi go ah 1735!!…but this teachers action is what pushes parents!….one “clack”!! Smh

      • Well if not a clock then a block…I don’t know…I have never been a rude student!

    • Yep, it takes self control when dealing with today’s generation. I don’t give the teacher any right to throw a clock at any student. This certainly does not support a child friendly atmosphere. The ministry needs to look into those teachers who verbally, and psychologically abuse students as well. Start with the “prestigious” AGHS.

  2. This teacher seems like she forget that its people’s children she has under her care, this is clearly child abuse

    • Parents seem to think that teachers are babysitters, mediators, doctors, motivational speakers, lunch providers and more.

      *Some* parents do not properly train their children and so the NASTY behaviour gets dumped on teachers and society at large. These are the type of parents who spoil their children (not in a good way) and who will show up to school to “fix” the teacher and principle, but you can’t get them to attend a PTA meeting.

      • I don’t condone bad behaviors from parents to teachers but teachers ARE suppose to be all of the ABOVE u mentioned as they are the ones who spend the most time with the kids on a daily and weekly basis when parents are at work. Going to school I had teachers who were all of the ABOVE which turned out to be great for me but like I said right now they take any nook and cranny to be teachers and RN is only for a paycheck every month and not for the passion of teaching kids education as well as life lessons. Why u think most of the kids failing now?

        • So you really expect a teacher to be all of the above and get that little bit of salary. Is like people forget teachers have their own families to care about and they have their own lives to live. I have family members who were and are teachers and they did all of the above mentioned in terms of Doctor, Babysitter sometimes digging in their own pocket so feed children or buy clothes or school supplies for children who parents neglected to provide. Me personally I could never be a teacher. Its a highly stressful job where you are overworked and underpaid and under appreciated.

        • You can roll your eyes from now until next year. A teacher can tell the difference between a student whose parents are actively involved in their lives, encourages them to do homework, study and respect others. So most of the kids do not fail not because of the teachers as you claim.

  3. Even teachers need training in ‘Anger Management’. And this is a national problem. We see how some of our politicians behave and children learn from what they see and hear. So if the teacher is setting such a bad example than what do you expect of the children. What baffles me is that the president of the Teachers Union is mum when it comes to disciplining his own or condemning their behavior. If it were the other way around he would be on the radio asking for compensation and protection for the teachers from violent students.

  4. Was this one of those paper cut out clocks used as a teaching aid or was it a regular mechanical clocks that is used to tell the time? Asking for clarity. Whichever, throwing any object within the school environment is unacceptable and inappropriate. Poor Judgement by the teacher. Breath-deeply Teachers

  5. She has no right to throw a clock at anyones child put the child out the class or send the child to the principals office for proper discipline. Yes some parents do not raise their kids to have respect but that don’t give no one the right to injure them with clock, stone, key, chair. Thats why my kids go private school cause RN is like they take any nook and cranny to teach in those government schools. If I was this girls parents I’d choke the hell out of her since most of u think it was ok for her to throw the clock it’d be ok for me to choke her a**. Is not everyone really wanna be teachers they just want a paycheck every month when u deal with kids u have to be patient and trust me they will do things that will get your head floating in the air like a kite but u dismiss them or you dismiss yourself to avoid ish like this

    • I hope you know a lot of the teachers they have in the Private Schools were once in the same Government schools. Further when children behave badly in Private Schools they are kicked out by the schools and they end up in the same Government Schools. Rude children are not tolerated in the Private Schools and Bad teachers are usually fired.

  6. Hence the reason’s i do not believe in Corporal punishment.. Teachers have been taking out their pent up anger on student’s a long time ago -sometimes after beating the children,especially if the skin is light in complexion,you can see the bruising clearly over the child’s body-that cannot be right,because some of these Teachers do not correct their own in that manner.. Remove the corporal punishment,there are many other ways to punish-if the child is un-trained from the home and is proving to be a difficult child,get the parent/s involved,it is definitely not a Teacher’s role to correct someone’s child in whatever manner they sees fit,and neither should they direct their anger towards any child.. She is un-professional and should be fired..My opinion,no one has to agree .

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