Teacher has purse stolen from her black Toyota Vitz


A female teacher of the St. Joseph’s Academy had her purse – containing her government issued identification cards; Scotiabank ATM card; and $50 in cash – stolen from her black Toyota Vitz on October 4 outside her Stapleton Lane workplace.

Reports are that the Hatton woman left her handbag on the front passenger seat of her car, which was unlocked.

She reportedly went inside the school to retrieve something, and when she returned to the vehicle discovered that the purse was missing from her handbag.

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  1. You left your purse in an unlocked car? Come on have more sense than that. Don’t give a thief an opportunity.

    • Wow. She’s brave in this day and age regardless, she should have had more wisdom than that. Little Antigua has grown into a woman, with desperate people around, I lock all doors when I’m at home during the day or night.

    • not at all…….I was reading it and I was like….I am sorry to hear that but why this hit the news…

    • Dave Ray, U Judas, was the photo of Pringle holding back his head, because of sinus issues, worth sending to your God.

  2. Irresponsible or not she could have left it on the hood of her car…. people need to leave shit alone that don’t belong to them. . Sound like a thief with a conscience, he left the pocket book.. smh.

  3. Perhaps Dave,if someone did break into your shop and stole all of those fake hairs/wigs. That would have been news worthy.You are so perfect.You have never made a mistake in judgement in your life.

    • For your information, I have had on two separate occasions, my phone stolen from my car in Antigua n recent years. One was next to the St. John’s Police Station. It wasn’t newsworthy. I have to take the blame for inviting the theft.

      Throwing shade at my business insinuates that you are not a business person and are a myopic person to assume my inventory’s worth and value.
      I always come to read because there is one idiot who will respond inappropriately.
      Here you are…No name as usual.

      • I am not a business person,you say. If you really knew me,you would not be uttering such nonsense. I have given more monies to help in Antigua. Than you would in your lifetimes over. I have never looked for anything in return from anyone. I am not in the pockets of any Political Party or Politicians. I go to Antigua and drop a truck load of cash there and do not blink an eye over my expenditures.

  4. @ From the sideline/ gastonkukahole
    Hope it wasn’t from the ablp hand book Robbing the teachers to intimidate them just like how a clown once said the schools are being break in from upp operatives

  5. I always tell my wife leave the bags in the back, preferably on the floor behind the seat. You do what you can. Hope she finds them.

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