Taxi driver shot by masked men


A taxi driver is reportedly in serious conditions at the hospital after he was shot Sunday night.

According to reports, Lester Sobers was in his vehicle with a woman when three masked men came up to the vehicle and demanded they wind down the windows.

Sobers reportedly tried to drive off and the men opened fire on the vehicle hitting the taxi driver.

The incident reportedly occurred at Michael’s Mount around 9:30.

Police are searching for the perpetrators.



  1. This does not sound right at all I do hope a thorough investigation will take place, so what report is the mystery passenger giving
    Wondering mines want to know

  2. What I worry about is that all this crime is going on but as a woman, you cant protect yourself..I am sure if you carry a knife or taser in your handbag or carry MACE/PEPPER SPRAY which is said to be illegal but places still sell them you would be in problems with the law! So as women, we can only scream and hope someone hears us and that its not too late..pray they don’t rape..maim..rob.

    A man is naturally stronger then a woman…all you have is your teeth and arms for defense…

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