Tase Them: Sir Gerald Watt QC recommends tasers for those resisting lawful arrest


Queen’s Counsel Sir Gerald Watt has responded to a viral video showing the arrest of a man and woman outside Payless Antigua on Saturday.

He was commenting on facebook following the incident.

“Counsel it’s not just silly, it is idiotic, personally am sick and tired seeing persons who have or are breaking the law abusing, assaulting, fighting and injuring police officers just because they have a hatred of the police and are evil and barbarous. And then when the officers have to use serious force to subdue people like the woman in question the cops get the blame.

“It is high time the police are equipped with Tasers, this would allow cops to subdue offenders without having a big drag out fight with the worst of society. What is most upsetting is that the woman was totally wrong and making a spectacle of herself in front of her two children who were clearly traumatized let’s get the tasers ASAP.”


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  1. I absolutely agree with the comment. The lack of respect for authority has led to a seemly babaric society without concerns for law and order. The sort of thing that our people aeem to be emmulating from what they see happening in the US.

  2. Most of the times, once the police place u under arrest, once the officer informs u that u r detained, as long as u go peacefully, u would not even get hand cuffed. Just no respect

  3. There were times in Antigua.When members of the Police Force were well respected.I went the Recreation Ground as a boy to watch Football.I stood on the western end of that Ground.Sometimes while standing there,we would find ourselves intruding onto parts of the playing area.There was a Police Officer named Henry Greaux.He was a very tall man.All he had to do is walk along the line and everyone just moved back into their positions.He never said one word.I wondered why he was so well respected unlike the Cops of today.Is it because of the Politics that infiltrated our Police Force? Just asking, not accusing.

  4. “It is high time the police are equipped with Tasers, this would allow cops to subdue offenders without having a big drag out fight with THE WORST OF SOCIETY”.


    ROSA PARKS should have gone to the back of the bus when ‘instructed to do so’.


  5. Queen’s counsel Gerald Watts should we remember in 1974 when the police had to subdue his girlfriend at the Antigua Recreation ground at carnival time and he has returned General at that time went to the Saint John’s police station slam his gun on the the desk in front of the guards and threatened to shoot the police officer who had served you his girlfriend we must remember at times when we are going to make some statements to look back into our past history of behavior

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