Tanny Rose questions why Asot Michael not included in St Peter polling


ABLP Stalwart James ‘Tanny’ Rose is criticising his own party for not including the incumbent member of St. Peter Asot Michael in an on going polling process.

Rose says Michael remains very much a comrade but was not mentioned by the Prime Minister as one of the persons being polled.

Browne has noted on several previous occasions that Michael will be replaced.

“We will be polling Regis Burton, Shermain Jeremy, Rawdon Turner to determine which of the three will be most viable to represent the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party in the upcoming general elections,” Browne explained.

Jeremy, a former Carnival queen and Miss Universe contender, has previously said she is more than willing to step up to the plate as the ABLP’s candidate for St Peter.

A similar poll will be conducted for the St John’s Rural West constituency which is led by ABLP MP Londel Benjamin.

“In the case of St John’s Rural West, we have a representative that is advancing in age and we have to look at his continued viability,” Browne said.

“This is not an indication that a decision has been made to remove Comrade Benjamin; we would have discussed this matter with him and we have indicated to him that even if he is still the best option, we have no choice to move forward with him.

“If we poll and he is struggling to win the seat and he can’t win the seat then we have to have a conversation with him,” Browne added.

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  1. “Tanny is that you?”

    I guess someone got their 30 pieces of silver. You’re wasting your breath Tanny. The Asot ship has sailed.


      A very ‘…Interesting Line, ‘Mr. B:’
      …The Asot ship has sailed.’

      Unless ‘torpedoed’ and sunk to the bottom of the ocean, ‘
      ‘…Just what are the coordinates?’

      Any intention to ‘…Rock the boat?’

  2. JAMES TANNY ROSE do you live on Mars? Didn’t you hear your leader Gaston Browne say that under no circumstances would Asot Michael run on an ALP ticket under his leadership? That being the case why would Asot be polled? I have come to expect nonsense from BEEF, TENMAN, JUST SAYING, FROM THE SIDELINE and ERIC (THE RED), but it looks as if you have joined them.

    • Charles Tabor that is the problem with you guys, always trying to understand the minions. People like the black rose are for sale so they will always go to the highest bidder. The top dawg nar let go the filthy lucre. I have a recording of the slut saying how much he was paying the black rose to cuss the moderna family. Once you associate yourself with the cult ALP party you are for sale.

  3. Asot #baggage is like an albatross at this juncture for the ABLP.

    Gaston no want um in dey! But, Asot a go be de domino, dat cyan topple, de whole a Laybah! A so, me #Grannie say!

  4. Tanny, you should know Asot is no longer viable. He is a has been, and belongs to another era. The young people taking over. That’s all right.

    • I think the UPPITES should be rejoicing. By the way they wanted to jail this rotten mango. These UPPITES are something else. A bunch of hypocrites. Honestly, this rotten mango should have never being government. He have consistently behave in an unscrupulous manner because he have money. He feels he can do as he likes. The visionary and forthright Leader get rid of him. You UPPITES can pick him up then the English habour rum will talk.. Good riddance. Thanks PM.

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