Tanny Rose: People who use Facebook to tell others not to get vaccinated have given up on their life



Now is the time when we are to be out Brothers and our sisters keeper and some people just go on Facebook to make mischief because they have given up on the lives.


And they want to transfer their apparent or personal bad luck to everybody else.


And I know they can do better with their own lives.

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  1. There are too many experts in Antigua and Barbuda on all things. There are Covid-19 and Vaccines experts in Antigua. The world renowned scientists are all stumbling and bumbling. In regards to this Corona Virus and its off springs Covid-19,Delta Variant and MU Variant so far. However,those great scientists in Antigua have all of the answers unknown to man. The Country is so divided. Is it by designed? What would happen when Covid-19 and all of the Variants are under controlled. What would we do then to heal the Nation. All things are not about Politics and or Political.

  2. The world renowned scientists are not stumbling and bumbling at all. They have presented clear medical advice, but we just don’t heed the warnings and advice. As you said, we prefer to be our own experts.

  3. When it comes to that I’m Rasta cause if gaston feel me go tek that HE have another thing coming awdfyt. Look up Gibraltar Mr GASTON and Antigua news room and start reporting those things. 116% fully vaccinated and cases are through the roof yet I must still take vaccine? For wa? Just move aryu muddacunt

    • I don’t know where you’re looking, but I just looked up Gibraltar. They are currently reporting 5 cases a day on average. Thats just 4% of the peak they had.

      • Thanks for putting “420” is her (his?) place. 420 seems to be a sower of discord. Get outta here!!!

    • Gibraltar hardly has any deaths and cases from covid 19 after the majority of the populaton was vaccinated. Don’t tell me that you do not know how to analyze data. What does the low number of cases in Gibraltar means?
      It means that the vaccine are working and that you need to get off your butt and get vaccinated.

  4. There are sons of the soil who claim 100% success on COVID with early treatment and NO side effects! No one may ever donate a million dollars to collect and publish all the stories of people who have been cured from cancers and now COVID using simple but powerful natural medicine. He may never be featured in a magazine, or even this ‘newspaper’ but know of a truth, prophets have walked among you.

  5. Vaccine or not. Keep count of the amount of people dying from underlying health issues all of a sudden. Just watch

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