LISTEN: Tanny Rose defends Asot Michael; Calls for unity in ABLP


ABLP stalwart James Tanny Rose this week defended St. Peter MP Asot Michael.

Rose said there are fractures in the ABLP and now is the time for healing and reconciliation.

According to Rose, the current leadership of the ABLP should follow Sir Vere Cornwall Bird’s example and show forgiveness.

Rose told ZDK radio it is time to reunite the party by bringing Michael back into the fold.

Listen to Tanny here:


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    • I am on the same view point with Tanny. Let’s heal the ABLP. With ASOT in St.Peter all 17 seats for ABLP for sure. Hon. Gaston Browne extend an OLIVE BRANCH to ASOT. This is POLITICS.

  1. I am on the same view point with Tanny. Let’s heal the ABLP. With ASOT in St.Peter all 17 seats for ABLP for sure. Hon. Gaston Browne extend an OLIVE BRANCH to ASOT. This is POLITICS.

    • RUPERT MANN didn’t you hear your leader Gaston say that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would Asot be on his ticket. Knowing the ALP and how it operates, Tranny’s call could be a grand design by the Party to pave the way for an Asot comeback. So when and if the majority of the Party gives the greenlight for Asot’s comeback, Gaston would then say it is democracy at work and resile from his former under NO CIRCUMSTANCES position. Time alone will tell.

  2. I am just waiting now for FROM THE SIDELINE, ERIC (THE RED), JUST SAYING, TENMAN, PETE and PHILLIP G to add their voices to Tanny Rose’s song for the unification of the ALP.

  3. Who cares? Why is this news? Just give me a break, them say when you see the black rose pushing a particular narrative he usually get a change for doing so.

  4. Not me. Asot belongs in the ABLP yes, but not in government. We just cannot risk this anymore. He is rotten to the bone. He is not an asset to the party in government. He is a liability. I support Gaston 100%. He was the downfall of Sir Lester Bird as well. We have given him plenty changes. One day he stood in parliament and said how he was a changed man. And what happened after that. The man is a schizophrenia. He needs mental help.

  5. The rumor on the street is Asot is being asked to run under the UPP banner. Is it true? I find it hard to believe, but as others have said, “This is politics”!!!! Not sure what to believe right now. Hmmm

  6. @Conrad the Red, Mr. Propagandist,Asot running on UPP ticket.Is like Satan trying to convert sinners to become non-sinners.

  7. Asot Michael is RED to the core. Hon.Gaston Browne Set up a meeting with ASOT and try to reach common GROUND. ASOT is a GREAT ASSET.

  8. ERIC (THE RED) we are just awaiting now the response to Tanny’s position from JUST SAYING, TENMAN, PETE and PHILLIP G. The comrades are coming together and closing ranks on this issue. FROM THE SIDELINE’S position now is that Asot deserves to be in the Party but not government. With respect to Asot, FROM THE SIDELINE’S position is mutually exclusive. It is a contradiction that will never happen.

    • Charles. I have always been consistent from day one as it relates to Asot Michael. As you know the Michael family are big supporters of the Labour Party. Just like the Hadeeds. I have known the father. A very decent man. I have known and condone Asot because of that. Lester made the mistake to take him into his cabinet and bring him into our politics. That was a mistake from the beginning. That was to the expense of Lennox Weston. I have pleaded with Gaston to ensure he doesn’t let Asot run his show as he did with Lester. Gaston promised me and others that wouldn’t happen. And to date we can see that Gaston kept his word. You guys think you could capitalize on this, but it didn’t work. Gaston is his own man. Which I am very glad for. Therefore, I’m telling you, Asot belongs in the labour party, but not in government. He is a maniac and a schizophrenic. You know during the 20/20 games Stanford had to get a restraining order against him visiting the venue. The minute this man has in his liquor he is out of control. Even Jumby Bay had to prevent him to come there. That is not a man you want to represent the people of any constituency. When he is not drunk, he is a darling of a person. The nicest man you could find on the face of this earth. Willing to assist any and everyone. But he cannot and will not stay like that ALL the time. And he is intelligent. As I said he was given many changes before. He just cannot help himself. It’s better he be on medical drugs.

    • He means well like when he tried to shake down Peter Verdie. He also meant well like when he got the tax rite off by fooling his cabinet colleges after sell the house.
      How can I forgot he meant well, when he Lester and pussy salad was heard on tapes discussing how they ripoff the people of Antigua along with Sir Sir Ron.

  9. Hon. Gaston Browne and ABLP . Tanny is correct. Let’s reach common ground with ASOT. We cannot go into the next election divided. Labour Party known for dealing with Their issues internally. Let’s bring back ASOT in St. Peter.

  10. Now PHILLIP G I can say without a doubt that there is a grand strategy by the ALP to mend fences and get Asot back in the fold and running again as the candidate for St. Peter despite the UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES comment by Gaston. I would go further to say that Gaston is also a part of this grand strategy and Tanny Rose is just being used as the fulcrum to start the discussion.

    • How much you want to bet?
      You know you guys didn’t believe the PM when he said he would not take him back until he cleared his name in the PV Energy saga. And he did just that. The PM has confidential information that he cannot share. Lester also had confidential information about Asot that he couldn’t share. However, Lester failed to do the right thing. Do you know the DEA came to Antigua to kidnap Asot. it was a very clandestine operation, but Lester was not for it. They had set him up with a drug deal just like what they did to Buju Banton. But Asot was smarter than Buju. he made sure he never left Antigua soil. Never went in the yacht. Like Chocksi

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