Tanner Street to be developed into a pedestrian mall



The Cabinet has agreed to develop Tanner Street into a pedestrian mall.

It will feature brightly colored uniform shops to be located along the roadway in an effort to make the City of St. John’s more attractive.

 Other building owners in the commercial centre and around the city are to be encouraged to improve on the aesthetics of their buildings.

Meantime, The Cabinet agreed that there is a construction boom taking place in Antigua at this moment.

Evidence of this high level of activity in the construction industry is reflected in the shortage of aggregates and cement and other building supplies that sell quickly, whenever the supply is replenished.

It is reported that supplies of sand are now low.

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  1. This is something I’ve advocated for something: since the UPP was in Governance; in letters of correspondence with my dear friend and classmate Vincent Benjamin: who was the the Permanent Secretary in the Government then, as to include, putting adequate drainage pipe buried and, paved over, to channel the stagnant water from country pond out into the harbor and, turning this eye sore of Tanner Street, into an improved esthetic vendor’s marl, with brightly painted boutique shop stalls, as well as getting rid of the haphazard uneven sidewalks; to be replaced and evenly graded, seamless pedestrian access walkways, that doesn’t require the services of a Chiropractor after a visit into Our Capital City of St. John’s. The ecstatic enhancement of St. John’s would indeed give pride and vibrancy to our people- who have long carved and, beg for their relevance to be addressed: as all governmental efforts is being catered to foreign investment entities to carve out zoned-in enclaves, while zoning out the people for whom this country belongs. This should, and must not be the vision of who we are: to allow apartheid to be an acceptable presence in the name of national growth and, revenue enhancement schemes . “We” seek, and demand sustainable rational growth; that does not bind our people into perpetual servitude of the sunrise-sundown exclusive enclaves mentally that is being the mind–set of the past and, present government: in their vain efforts to rationalize foreign investment, for the benefits of foreigners. Thus, relegating our people to second class status in our own country. (Not good: Not good at all) But tell me. Where on this God given Earth, can Antiguans 🇦🇬 Barbudans venture to carve out exclusive apartheid enclaves for only Antiguans 🇦🇬 Barbudans as being prevailed here to foreigners?

  2. Since the announcement of the by-election, the government has been making outlandish promises relentlessly. It’s just a showcase of their election practices. Absolutely nothing is ever going to happen but then, it’s all about construction and there’s where we have difficulty obtaining accountability for our money.

  3. All this government does is chat and do nothing. Where is the new cemetery? Now you are fencing around a paddock with no infrastructure to bury people in. What happened to the can’t park? My suggestion to you corrupt incompetent fools is to do the projects and then talk about them. Because nothing is going to happen. The only project you built is your People’s Place and people are questioning whose money you used to build it.

  4. A lot of hot air!!!
    No definite agreements or timelines.
    Something to give the red kool-aid drinkers to hold on to

  5. They went and cleaned up Redondo and bring back all the rats and drop them in st johns lmao 🤣😂. Nothing funny about this really, but I have to laugh at these people.

    This love bailing out failed hotel resorts instead of cleaning up their city, this tells you they don’t give a shit about fellow citizens of Antigua and care more about getting a cut from these corrupt developers building these hotels.

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