FAO Supports Antigua and Barbuda Farmers with Water Storage Solutions, Enhancing Food Security


The Antigua and Barbuda office of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has fulfilled its commitment to help local farmers with the water shortage issue. Through the Water-Energy-Food Nexus project, the FAO provided twelve 1000-gallon tanks to farmers in Antigua and Barbuda. These water storage solutions offer relief to farmers facing water scarcity, improving agricultural production and ensuring food security despite climate change impacts.

Mali Barnes, the National Project Coordinator, stated that the provision of these tanks addresses the pressing concern of water availability, enabling farmers to effectively manage water resources and overcome limitations. The project focuses on assisting farmers in attaining sustainable water access, and these tanks provide an immediate solution to the water storage needs of twelve farmers, seven in Antigua and five in Barbuda. Storing water in these tanks helps optimize irrigation practices and ensures a consistent water supply, mitigating the impact of climate change on agricultural yields.

Barnes emphasized the importance of these water storage solutions in enhancing farmer resilience and food security. The initiative was made possible through generous funding from the Mexican Government, facilitated by its Cooperation Agency, AMEXCID, highlighting the shared commitment to sustainable agriculture and addressing water scarcity challenges.

Barnes highlighted that the provision of these tanks is a critical step in supporting farmers in Antigua and Barbuda, empowering them with improved water storage capacity to optimize irrigation practices and enhance agricultural output, ultimately contributing to the nation’s food security goals. The FAO remains committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices, supporting farmers in mitigating climate change challenges, and fostering resilience, resource efficiency, and food security in Antigua and Barbuda.

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