TALK TO DEM: Sly J blasts Hispanics who damaged police vehicle during fracas


Sly J blasts Hispanics who damaged police vehicle during fracas

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    • The government should deport all of them backside to Santo Domingo. We don’t want these lawless people in Antigua. Just because they think labour depends on them votes, they think they can beat up police.
      As to you sensible, you are sound like a yardie. Certainly not sensible, but ignorant.

      • Hey dumbass that’s not what happened,most of you Antiguan discriminate against foreners break the law and lie for money,you don’t know what actually happened so quite while you are ahead

      • “Sound like a yardie”!!!Yuh tink like shit.. Are you any different than the fool who made the post yuh replying to?? Boss go suck yuh mumma yah man..

  1. “Talk to dem”?

    This is an outrage!!! The ALP has flooded the country with foreign criminals. All of them should be deported! If these criminals attack police without fear, what would they do to ordinary Antiguans? There is no reason why uneducated illiterate people from the DR should be in this country. The police need to start cracking heads.

    • And it’s that type of demeaning dilutions that causes problems with with anyone who comes into the country.You discriminate not knowing what really happened.

      • Antigua is not America. Send them home to DR. They cause ghettos and make the place run down. DR is a country noted for forged documentation. A lot of them who say their grand fathers came from Antigua, lie.

      • “Is riot dem riot”

        We know exactly what happened. Foreigners attacked our police!!! They all need to be deported. You don’t want Haitians in the DR, but you come to a black country to riot. Go back to the DR with the red people and be happy nah jack. White smaddy riot; Jamaican smaddy riot; Spanish smaddy riot. Everybody riot in this country but black Antiguans.

    • Talk fuckery and ddont know shit. Most Hispanic in Antigia are Antiguans due to that antiguans flee to DR in the 60s and had children with the hispanic, yet people like you come here and talk bullshit, how can you deport someone from dem own country stupid scunt. Talk sense pan de media sound dunce nf

  2. Those Dominicanos could be Citizens by Ancestry? They for sure did not buy their Passports to become Citizens. They have all rights in Antigua and Barbuda as we do. They have “no rights” to break the Laws of the Land. I for one is not sorry. For what they did to the Police. In my opinion based on what I have seen in Antigua. They break the Laws every day and the Police are called and do nothing. In many areas of Antigua where the poor and down trodden are living. Those Dominicanos would make noises in those areas into the late nights. You would call the Police and they never show. However,if you were to call them on a born Antiguan. They would show up in matter of minutes. So they as a Force,helped created that double standards.

    • Hope you won´t be a HYPOCRITE and call the police if someone decides to pelt stone at you or someone in your household.

      • Let them come and fire stones. I would be firing back at them. It won’t be stones. You could figure it out.

      • And yet you show no evidence of this mega family of both Antigua’s and Dominica’s and yet the only problem is see when we follow the law is immigration giving trouble to people.

  3. If y’all don’t want foreigners in your country fight for deportation and while you at close the border. no importation from foreign countries and let’s welcome the “tourist”.
    Notice how I didn’t mention exportation…. What do we have?!!! Susie hot sauce?!
    Let us stay in little Antigua and die

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