Tabor says UPP will not accept the advice of ‘anonymous’ UK King’s Counsel allegedly consulted by Cabinet

Opposition Senator Demani Tabor


Damani Tabor, public relations officer  for the United Progressive Party (UPP), is wondering why the Gaston Browne Administration appears to be terrified of a commission of inquiry.

While thousands of people, including members of the opposition party, are calling for an investigation into the Antigua Airways/African migrant-smuggling saga, Prime Minister Browne continues to insist that no inquiry will be commissioned, since there is no evidence of wrongdoing.

Earlier this  year, the governor-general expressed his reluctance to call a probe into the situation – despite the Administration’s admission that it had been duped in the matter.

As a result, Tabor says the Government seems uninterested in having all the relevant facts surrounding Antigua Airways come to public light.  However, he notes, the people want to know whose idea the initiative was; who profited from it; what did the relevant officials know; and when did they know it.

Meanwhile, Tabor is scoffing at information coming out of the Cabinet Notes of Wednesday, May 24,  in which the Executive claims to have received legal opinions from two King’s Counsel in England,

who are agreeing with the Cabinet’s position.

However, these attorneys were not named, which, Tabor says, brings into question the validity of the Cabinet’s claim. Therefore, he says, the UPP is not giving any credibility to this anonymous information.

As the public relations officer pointed out, a precedent was set by  former Governor-General Sir James Carlisle, who commissioned an inquiry into the Medical Benefits Scheme.

Hence, he says, Sir Rodney Williams should do the honourable thing and respect the wishes of the close to 10,000 people who already have signed a petition requesting that he commission a public inquiry.


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  1. Tabor..Who the hell what UPP accept. There will be no ENQUIRY. UPP needs Leadership. UPP cannot unite even in voting in Parliament.

    • @ PETE, there will definitely be an ENQUIRY, it’s just a matter of time, because HONEST hardworking citizens want to see transparency; accountability; and clarity, not corrupt practices.

      Tick tock PETE, tick tock, the ABLP red clock is ticking … ⏰

      • @ BRIXTONIAN
        You have been preaching this same thing before elections. Look at the election results. UPP concentrate on cleaning house and get SMART , INTELLIGENT Persons in your party. It is a shame to hear the UPP Members in Parliament debating the bills. In the next few weeks ABLP will have 10 seats in Parliament. St.Mary South will be back in ABLP Hands. BRIXTONIAN continue to bark like a bad dog without teeth.

    • @ PETE (aka GASTON)

      Who cares? You are so dumb. The opposition had practically over 50% of all the votes in the last election and only because of your admission that transfers were made in constituencies to enable your colleagues to win their seats did ABLP squeak out a win, so now to dismiss the opposition is at your own peril.
      I wonder which UPP you referring to that cannot unite in voting in parliament.
      Can the ABLP unite when half of your supporters DO NOT EVEN LIKE YOU?

      • @ PITY

        You sound just like your name.
        I have PITY on you. I believe you are new to politics. You and your Leader Jamal Pringle cut from the same cloth. Didn’t you hear the voting in the Senate a couple days ago ? Shows how incompetent you are , PITY.

  2. The truth of the matter is that an enquiry Would be good for the nation but we know Gaston and labour Government won’t have one. The government would have to pay for It and Gaston won’t approve the cheque. The GG won’t go against Gaston and have one as he is part of them and Gaston would have him removed from office. Think about it. If you and your government were involved in illegal activities, would you have an enquiry to expose you deeds?
    No enquiry is going to happen. Plus the government is broke.

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  4. P it is the people of Antigua. We the citizens calling for this. You are only listening to UPP but if you listen good you will hear this voice is way beyond them. There will be an enquiry.

  5. The GG’s response is expected . If ever a man is compromised its this one. His response is indicative of someone who has no clue what the hell he’s talking about. No doubt he is a part of the get rich scheme, doctoring for a hotel while being GG. Time. All it takes is time. Let Gaston Browne and his spineless dummies continue their lies. No one but the cool aid drinking Labourites are listening to them.

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