Symone Smith Found


The 11-year-old was located late last night following a frantic search, however that information was disclosed to the public on Thursday morning.

According to reports, while shaken by the ordeal, she was seemingly unharmed.

Last night there was national panic and a wide scale search was launched to find the Mary E. Piggot School student.

She was last seen leaving the school’s complex at about 3pm. Following her usual routine, she then caught a passenger bus, however her parents say she did not come home.

Inside information indicates the child was located sometime after 11pm somewhere near her home in Browne’s Avenue.

Her whereabouts during the period of time she was missing have not been made public.

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  1. wonderful news! Sure the family is relieved. Have to be careful with our little ones. There are some sick people in society much like CONVICTED PEDOPHILE, IAN MAGIC HUGHES. So glad you are safe little one.

      • You have a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE working for you!!!!!??????
        I hope there are no teenage interns or young girls around. If he could VIOLATE his own DAUGHTERS classmate, then what makes you think he will respect your daughter?

      • You seem to think that pedophilia is a joke. Keep laughing until it happens to your daughter or someone in your family. IAN MAGIC HUGHES is a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE. This is nor hearsay or rumours or mek up story. “MAGIC FOUND GUILTY OF SEX CRIME”.

        Messing with you daughters’ friend?????? Can you imagine the impact his actions also have on his DAUGHTERS?

  2. @Hmmm you disgusting, All you can sing bout is Ian Magic Hughes? Come on let the man name catch a break. I trust he learnt his lesson and confess his sins- You’re not God. Stop doing God’s job for Him.
    Stop using his name as a smokescreen and pay attention to your family members & friends (who can be a Magic Ian Hugh)… cha!
    Don’t miss the point she was returned home safely. Thank you Jesus for Your mercies.

    • The point was not missed. Hence the first sentence “wonderful news ”


      “The court was told that the violation had impacted the young victim so severely she wanted to end her life, and had engaged in SELF-MUTILATION.”

      Would you allow him to babysit your daughter or give your teenager a ride home?

  3. Why are we so busy searching for that speck of dirt in Ian Magic Hughes eyes and have a whole plank sticking out of ours? Have you ever sinned/commit a crime (tell a lie, stole anything, have sex with anyone even when they say no, maligned someone) or any wrong and expect people to forgive you? Why keep rubbing it in his face. have you ever heard the word ‘remorse’? Not because someone doesn’t go around with a placard saying ‘i am sorry’ doesn’t mean they are not. The bible tells us we should forgive not seven times but 70 times. I wonder if there will ever come a time when @Hmmmmmm will ever want forgiveness from anyone and ask them to leave the transgression in the past. Please be careful because karma is a b****

    • Google does not leave anything in the past. Simply type in “Ian Magic Hughes Antigua” and lo and behold you will see the record of his UNREMORSEFUL behaviour. Whatever you do, do NOT let your girl child near him. He is CONVICTED PEDOPHILE. Has he sought therapy or help for his sick twisted behaviour? You think that serving a short jail term will erase his PEDOPHILIA mind? You can gwarn play fool and let your teenager near him then.

  4. Child Welfare Department needs to sit with this child and ask her questions. Get some of your Phycologists to question her one on one. Then turn your findings over to the Police if it needs to be investigated further.

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