Symister says PM Browne’s statements about Nigel Christian could influence murder case of the three accused


Leon “Chaku” Symister, an attorney-at-law, is concerned that recent statements made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne concerning slain Customs Officer Nigel Christian could probably impact the pending murder case.

Three people have been charged with the murder of Christian, who was abducted from his home and shot over two years ago.

At a town hall meeting in New York this past weekend, Browne made certain allegations about the case – and even went as far as implying that Christian had been involved in corruption.

In a country as small as Antigua and Barbuda, Symister says, and with such a limited jury pool, these are not statements that should have been publicly uttered, especially by the Prime Minister.

The attorney says it was highly improper for PM Browne to utter such statements. He explains that some people will believe they are credible, because – as head of the Government – Browne has regular briefings with the heads of the security forces.

Therefore, he says, the Prime Minister’s behaviour is unacceptable.

The attorney says the PM’s statements could work in favour of the defence, since they can be used by the three accused to show prejudice prior to the trial.

Symister says that Browne should know when and where to make certain pronouncements and stop embarrassing himself and the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

According to his mother, Christian was kidnapped from his McKinnons home on Friday, July 10, 2020, by four men. His bullet-riddled body was later discovered on a dirt road near New Winthorpes.

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    • Harold is a “SPENT FORCE” . How the hell can Harold lead UPP when He cannot win His seat. Clean sweep for ABLP 17 SEATS……UPP 0 SEAT.

  2. Chaku, make sure that your denture is glued on properly this time. Cause when your teeth fly out this time you will not find it

    • Sidelines: He did say things,he should not have said in that Town Hall Meeting. He is the Leader of the Country and needs to learn when and where to tempered his remarks. You as an arse kisser of Gaston need to have a serious talk with him. Then again,perhaps he would punch you in the mouth.

    • Another ignorant response from a misinformed and out of touch generational ABLP, supporter who cannot or will not accept someone else’s opinion or point of view.

      Remember From The Sideline, every rope has two ends …

      • Look who’s talking the minute someone nah since from.the blue hym sheet and ride de Gaston Browne and ALP train u quick for call them “GENARATIONAL ABLP SUPPORTRS” ppl r free to support who ever they want kettle calling the pot black much or another word for it is HYPROCRICY


        • I suggest you go back and read some of my posts, and you’ll find that I alwats respect constructive debates that go on to explain other point of views and opinions; and then I normally go on and acknowledge his or her point with respect – you must be new to ANR threads?

          However, when I read a lot of hate, cussing and downright ignorance, then I treat the person with the same contemp and disdain. Easy really!


  3. Maybe it was intentional on the PM’s part. It is obvious that he knows more about the case and that he wants it thrown out.

  4. I respect democracy and at the end of the next election the people’s will , will prevail. We should be civilized enough that the PM wishes the leader of the opposition happy birthday. Happy birthday Mr. Lovell.
    Now down to politics. I just don’t see how UPP chose that guy to run instead of Shawn Nicholas. She is one of Antigua special, extra special daughters. In my book she is one of the most charismatic Antiguan right now. Like most of the women in politics she doesn’t rub people the wrong way. Now this guy that is the shadow AG has baggage to fill tropical shipping and the new warehouse down deep water harbor. He is one of the most corrupt individuals in politics.
    I am no way condoning the PM doing what he did in that town haul meeting in the USA. His mouth is his worst enemy and my extension
    Antigua’s . We need to hold our leaders accountable in action and in words.
    I do hope that who ever form the government be it ABLP less a few dinosaurs- Robin, Cutie, Maulwin, no good Gail, out of favor and full of self Michael . I wish I could say greedy lennox but he is the lesser of two evils at St.Phillip. Less the most corrupt ever St.Peter’s independent candidate MP . And of course Dean Jonás anoth full of himself individual.
    A UPP government without Shef. I can work. It actually would be a breath of fresh air. These young politicians mixed with the experience leader might just work out much better.
    The DNA I like what I am hearing from a few candidates- not the leader, her false accent turns me completely off. Time for a new Leader DNA.
    Hey guys it took 8 months for young Mitchell to enter politics, go to convention took over the leadership of his political party and Win a election. Talking about Grenadian PM. A Humble youth !

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  6. Gail Christian and the late Nigel Christian were First Cousins. They were two Brothers Children from Grays Farm. How could Gail run on his Party’s Ticket. When he did try to tarnish her late Cousin’s good name,in my opinion.

  7. Recall this lawyer participating in a a kangaroo trial called justice square. Was amazed that he did not know the consequence of his actions. If a jury believes everything law enforcement utters (based on Chaku’s statement), without question, then there is no need for a trail. Last time I checked the trail is about whether they killed the customs officer, the customs officer is not on trail.

  8. “DAISY
    Maybe it was intentional on the PM’s part. It is obvious that he knows more about the case and that he wants it thrown out.”
    – Daisy that makes sense…a lot of sense

  9. See UPP wannabe AG day. Yessai Chaku Waku Loco Cray-Cray 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 give Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn wan hard slap fu reject de CCJ. She mek Gaston call up Lizzy and tell the negroes on de Privy Council fu vote gence Barbuda neargah 🤣 🤣

  10. Listening to the PM that night, one would believe that the investigation was over. He was very disrespectful and rude. What an embarrassment. Smh.

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