Symister says ALP’s attempt to pad Barbuda Voters List with Antiguan construction workers will be challenged


Attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister says that attempts by the Antigua Labour Party to pad the Barbuda voters list with Antiguan workers will be challenged.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced that construction workers who commute to Barbuda daily to work on the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) project will be allowed to vote on the sister-island in the upcoming general elections.

The Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), which raised concerns and objections to this move, has been monitoring registration on the island, and said earlier that nothing untoward was taking place with the voters’ list.

However, Symister says there have been recent reports of Antiguan workers registering to vote in Barbuda, and these will be challenged.

The attorney accuses the Labour Party of trying illegal means to win the seat since the BPM is dominant among Barbudan electors.
Therefore, Symister says the BPM has been advised of what steps it should take to deal with this issue.

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  1. “PAD voting list”????? Is that what Bruce Goodwin did when he boast and brag on Observer radio that he loaded a plane with only UPP students to ENSURE THAT TREVOR WALKER WON HIS SEAT??? Only students who Bruce thought were anti-ABLP were allowed on that flight home. What an “ambASSador”!!!!!!! Discrimination against citizens at the hands of a UPP-appointed amabssador. He went as far as to take credit for Trevor Walker winning his seat. Don’t you recall the infamous interview? That was the interview in which he made it clear that the UPP was anti-foreigners. He called our CAribbean brothers and sisters “paupers” and derided them and their countries of origin. Do you need me to send you the clip? Bruce Goodwin said he single-handedly determined who boarded that fight home BASED ON THEIR POLITICAL PERSUASIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No wonder Bruce gone back to UPP. The DOG RETURN TO ITS VOMIT!!!

    • @ Hmmmmmmmm

      And what did Gaston say about foreigners that sending them back home?

      You want me to send you the clip that Observer plays regularly?

  2. So, emperor Gaston Browne not only rewards nepotism, cronyism and self-enrichment to cabinet members, friends and associates; Gaston Browne is now trying to find ways of manipulating the electoral voting process as well.

    Our Prime Minister reminds me of the Roman emperor Caligula, who was always awarding and manipulating positions in high office that wasn’t warranted.

    Emperor Caligula was so out of touch with his citizens (just like Gaston), that he appointed his favourite horse 🐴 as a consulate.

    Gaston may or may not have a horse, but Barbuda have plenty plenty donkey.
    And, If he gets a third term of office, don’t be surprised if emperor Browne appoints a donkey to his cabinet?!


  3. What exactly does the law says to qualify someone to vote in a constituency?

  4. As long as barbudans living in Antigua have transfered/re-registered into different constituencies in Antigua the same reverse approach can be done to Antiguans living in Barbuda after a set time that qualifies them to transfer into barbuda’s voters list .
    One country, one people. Just as you can transfer from St Georges to St marys, so can one transfer from St peters to Barbuda, no restriction on movement of citizens…live,register and ppl are too tribalistic and divisive.

    • Some of you chat for chat sake. If Antiguans move to barbuda to live they have a right to vote in Barbuda just like Barbudans moving to Antigua have a right to vote in Antigua. The issue is with people who work in Barbuda and return to their home and family in Antigua every weekend . They are not residents of Barbuda and should vote in Antigua where they live. Barbudans must decide who is their representative and not Gaston.

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