Owner shoots 16-year-old caught inside Roti King

Roti King

Police say they are investigating a shooting in St. John’s over the weekend.

According to reports, the shooting occurred at Roti King.

It is alleged the owner of the business place found the 16-year-old suspect inside his business at the time of the incident.

The alleged suspect is currently hospitalized with a gunshot wound. He is said to be in stable condition.

More information will be provided once it becomes available.


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    • True.. but still 16 issa minor.
      The parents responsible firstly
      The state secondly.

      The system failed this child.

      • How the system gonna fail him really a what he wants to do his parents fail him so others teens who doing job a the system have them doing good

        • No body can fail u but urself, ppl need to stop with this parents fail bs i raise a child to the best of their ability an in the end they decide if they wanna go left or go right 🤷🏽‍♀️ so that means a god fail adam an eve ? Cause we all know how that turned out 🙄

      • Now is the time for the system to Step in an see what is this child needs an wants an living conditions an make sure this child heads in the right part from here on

      • How young is 16 really? Stop making excuses for these grown ass men who by that age are fully aware of their actions.

  1. If you are hungry and you want something to eat, it is better for you to beg but stealing or breaking and entering is a no no……..
    Thank God you are still alive and have a second chance at life.

  2. Where are the parents if any ?
    16 issa minor.

    Hope the state is investigating what’s the child’s need and how to better care for this individual.

    It’s wrong to B&E . But speedy recovery. God bless.

  3. Kill his arse …..kill dem …the sweat of your brow YOU WILL EAT BREAD….you thought monies were kept there …you thought you were gonna steal the frige stove microwave…..and JUS WALK OUT…


    • Have some compassion! He’s a kid. If he had no weapon, force may have been excessive

      • Y’all are the same ones who know the kind of crap y’all children doing and try y’all best to justify it. He’s 16, he knows right from wrong. The owner of the place do right to lick a shot in his backside. Y’all think it’s easy to be working hard in your establishment and people just break in and do as they please? IT’S NOT!!

  4. Learn your lesson young chap and make a change. TESSA BARTHLEY was not so lucky to serve the gunshots.

    Whatever became of the GUN that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT the young girl?

  5. @Smh, you are a certified idiot. How do you think the family feels about you stupidly repeating the person’s name every opportunity you get? whatever the circumstance was, your comment is irrelevant and you lack any morality because this has nothing to do with that unfortunate incident. But they say what you spit in the air does fall back in your face so keep it up.

    • Hi babes

      It is a FACT 🎯 that SHERFIELD BOWEN used a GUN to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY. Until you have your loved one killed in similar manner, just cool and bubble!!

      The nerve of the jumby-pot killer to even have the audacity to run in the very constituency where TESSA BARTHLEY was born and raised.

      Do you know where the GUN is that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY? 🤔

      • Smh
        You are a certified terd.
        Stop mentioning my relative name in your donkey s”^t comments.
        Enough now!

          • Hi DB

            Easy for you to say, but TESSA BARTHLEY “momma” has to live with the pain and anguish caused by her death at the hands of SHERFIELD BOWEN. Where is the GUN that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY? Do you know where the GUN is?

            Was sherfield MARRIED at the time when he used the GUN to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY???

  6. That 16 Yr kid is not a minor. He is old enough to have a woman.
    .. He lucky NF that he not dead or paralysed.

  7. If this child was unarmed why shoot them? You have a weapon pointed at them and that would have been scary enough. So why pull the trigger? Call the Police and let the law of the country do their job. Yes breaking into someone’s property is very wrong and so is stealing. The government is allowing these business owners to be a law on to themselves.

    • Bcos he doesnt have to excerise PATIENCE with ANY THEIF….


      • 16 is a minor? Yes it is. However, are persons saying that this “minor” does not know the difference between right and wrong. As a “minor” who may have broken in because of hunger or to rob the place some how, is his actions excused because he is 16? Wait, 16 isthe age of consent for having sex and at that age the “minor” can do so but if the “minor” commits a crime he is just a minor? The minor has no brain when it comes to making a wise decision?
        The parents and the state may have failed this “minor” BUT they did not tell him to break in to anyone’s place. The “MINOR had a choice. He chose to break the law.
        I am truly sorry that he got shot but his actions could have caused him his life. To all the MINORS out there, make wise choices. Use your everything within you in positive ways. Ask for something before you make the decision to steal or commit any other crime. Beg, beg, beg until you get it but leave people subbed lone a na fu you.

    • Maybe you don’t own anything but when I own things and people tek dem fastness me ah shoot first and ask questions after. You obviously don’t have a business. It’s difficult to own and maintain a business like Roti King has for years. The boys’ parents should have done a better job. Stop worrying about business owners becoming a law onto themselves and worry about the crappy parents who can’t raise kids. I hope the boy dies.

  8. This is what justice is going to look like in the New Antigua. Every tief must be stopped in the act. The people have had more than they can take.

    • Too late for Janice Samuel. She is a kleptomaniac who could not be stopped. Now jail is her next home.

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