Suspect in fatal stabbing incident released from hospital

Nathaniel David Simons

A murder charge is expected this week in relation to the alleged stabbing incident that left a man dead in Potters Sunday morning.

The suspect who had been under police watch at the hospital was reportedly released from medical care and is now assisting police with investigations.

Police reported a domestic disputed escalated leading to the death of 28-year-old Umar Phillip Lugg.

According to reports, the suspect first name Nathaniel, alias Barber, is the uncle of the deceased.


Meantime, the men involved in Sunday’s second stabbing incident have also been released from the hospital.

Police say investigations into both incidents are ongoing with charges expected soon.

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  1. Not condoning what he did but look how the media is so backward and bias like the police, after Bruce was found dead they hide up the alleged murderers for over a month until charges was laid, but in a civilian vs civilian case the alleged individual photo is put out right away. Isn’t that some backward b.s the media a deal with.

  2. All these Jamaicans and D.R.’s that are illegally immigrating to Antigua….and probably illegally voting in our elections. When is PM Browne going to seriously address this issue? I am still waiting for a new political party in Antigua to be formed that puts Antigua citizens first – I’d vote for the pro-Antigua citizens party everyday.

    Antigua Citizens Party – ACP? Sounds good to me. This kind of new political party would sweep the elections.

    • Lol so this is the new type of racial problems we face in antigua we tryna force our own kind out for the benefit of one person on a comment on a abs website lmao …. Someone please cancel this persons data plan

    • @ time..i agree with you. We need them out. We cant wait for them to take out one another. It will simply take too long!.

  3. They are Jamaicans! And yes these people do bring their culture and lifestyle with them and it’s a very volatile and aggressive and violent culture.

    By nature Jamaica is aggressive and know to have a high crime and murder rate. This is true wherever they go.

    Antiguans are more of a peaceful people. Yes they are not perfect . We have our little drugs here and there and a nurse or 2. But no where compared to Jamaicans

    We should be left to deal with our own little country and our problems which compared to jamaica and the Jamaicans aren’t that much

    Even Antiguans living overseas.. they stay in their own lane and mind their business we are Hartley ever illegal they may only deport one or 2 if that much compared to other countries who are overseas like Jamaicans .. they do nothing but reek havoc.

    So when we say we want back our little country we know what we are talking about.

    There are hardly any Antiguans running to go and live in Jamaica but they are all running to come to Antigua for a better life and when I say better life

    They are looking for people to steal and rob because Antiguans try to build up themselves. So how about we stay in our country and you guys with your women who will stop and nothing to get money from any man and the men who will rob anybody stay in Jamaica

    Please and thank you

    • @in my opinion
      Thank you for taking time out to hate on us so passionately lol .. ya’ll seem so vex that we come here and living way better than unu smh bout try to build up ya’ll selves .. lazy , ignorance and pure hype that’s what ya’ll about ! Leave us alone .. we don’t like unu neither!

      • Yes because Jamaicans are hardworking. Working hard at committing crimes and doing security work? That must truly take some brain power. The Jamaican women who will sleep with anything because they are work shy and men who add to our crime rate? Top notch people.

    • I agree with you, based on my experience, Antiguan citizens are much more peaceful and calm – and less loud than those from Jamaica or DR. Even our CIP Antigua citizens (who come from around the world) are nice people, educated, and wealthy – they like to keep our island safe. But the Jamaican’s and DR’s, no way….they like drama, volatility, and violence.

      It is really time to have an Antigua Citizens Party that puts Antigua citizens first and stops this weird immigration from Jamaica and DR. Whoever makes this their political platform will become the next PM, 100%.

    • @neveragain lmao seems like you got your poor little heart broken by one of our lovely Jamaican men haha ! You sound bitter and hurt ! I hope you find peace you pitiful soul ❤
      Never again will u date one of us lol 😆 bye !

  4. Not all de yardie dem are like that. Unfortunately the innocent suffers for the guilty sometimes. The bad ones have a WICKED MURDEROUS HEART and this is why Jamaica has such an astronomical crime rate. They need to stop listening to certain kinda music because it’s affecting their minds.

  5. @neveragain learn to spell correctly, seem you got pregnant and dropped out of school too early cause thats all ya’ll knw to do .. It’s UNGRATEFUL NOT UNGREATFUL . Get schooled …

  6. @Yaadie, you claim Antiguans are lazy and ignorant people, well please let us be that in our own country… we are not in Jamaica we are at home in our little Antigua, so whatever we are, we are being that on our own soil.

    Jamaicans can be as great as you say you are but please be that in Jamaica. Jamaicans are the first ones to go to other countries looking for a better life but just end up tearing down that country with crime and violence. Look at all the murders in Jamaica just one week ago ..
    at the end of the day Antiguans are more peaceful people is all I’m saying …

    Now I guess Yaardie will be responding to everyone on here because the truth hurts but at the end of the day, we are all saying the same thing and ten French man can’t lie … if we are comparing Antiguans to Jamaicans Antiguans are more ruly and I would take them any day and have a peace of mind.

  7. You people here make me sick some, I am not Jamaican but they are all not bad secondly we Antiguan are the same one sport there music in every dance a d praise them when the accomplish something big like Usain Bolt. We all Caribbean go every country to get better. There is so much Antiguan living in the US and the UK that would not come home to live. Years ago Antiguan lived in the D.R and never came back that’s why there is so much Dominican with Antiguan last name because of there Grand Parents in stead of trying to put down other countries for trying to drive why not commit to help stop violence from all country and make the country United.

  8. @well well it seems like you don’t have anything else to do or say at home or in your life for you to come and post something of bare ignorance to get people stirred up while you hide behind your phone or computer giggling at the negative reaction from it. seems like your lifestyle is a negative one maybe one day it will be a Jamaican or Guyanese or Spanish save you from a gruesome death!

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