Surrendering his passport won’t stop his extradition – officials


ehul Choksi, uncle of diamantaire Nirav Modi, may have surrendered his Indian passport and given away is Indian citizenship, but two sources in the government have told India Today TV that the move won’t save Choksi from being extradited to India.

India Today TV has learnt that Mehul Choksi submitted his Indian passport number Z 3396732 in order to give away his Indian citizenship.

Along with the passport, Choksi also submitted a fee of $177.

In the passport surrender form, Choksi mentioned his official address as Jolly Harbour, St Marks, Antigua.

The move is being seen as delay tactics by Mehul Choksi from the extradition, which is being heard at the High Court of Antigua.

Mehul Choksi, who is prime accused in the Rs 13,000-crore bank fraud along with Nirav Modi, took the citizenship of Antigua in 2017 and has been living there ever since.

“The crime committed by Mehul Choksi was in India and extradition process has nothing to do with citizenship of the accused. As an accused, Mehul Choksi will be extradited, no matter what his citizenship is,” the sources said.

They said, “Any accused, of any nationality can be extradited from any country, according to international law and same applies for Mehul Choksi.”

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  1. Hmmmm the RASTAMAN said the same thing and no article was written quoting the Rastaman…

    But as Paddy Simon just say “ana what u say but a hoo sayum”.

    • Choksi is innocent and he is a victim of a political persecution in India. All Antigua citizens (new and old) should be protected by our government. Mr. Choksi deserves the full protection as provided by Antigua law. Thank you.

  2. If this man so much care or love Antigua & Barbuda, why he don’t go back to India and face his accused charges? He is giving the country a bad name in the international market. He need to be a man and go back willing.

    • If you were a victim of a political persecution in India would you go back there? I think not. Mr. Choksi is our fellow Antigua citizen and he deserves the full protection that our country can provide. Big countries like India, the EU and the US are trying to push Antigua around.

  3. When you have money, you can do so many things. If it was a little poor ass bwoy, he would have already been shipped out. He has plenty money and money talk. It is not doing the name of Antigua any good because we are seen to be harboring fugitives. I am very certain that the only reason he isn’t already shipped out is because of his election contribution to the ABLP which I understand was significant. Between him, Franklin from Jumby Bay who incidentally was recently knighted and the Bitcoin Boss who is also an economic envoy, they are the true Boss for the World Boss.

    • Antigua is not harboring fugitives, we are protecting the rights of an Antigua citizen (yes, Mr. Choksi is a legitimate Antigua citizenship, just like the rest of us). India is a corrupt country and they are trying to politically prosecute Choksi as a scapegoat. Choksi is innocent.


    None may blame Mehul Choksi for the delay in extradition proceedings that has not even been started.

    What he is doing civilly and constitutionally has absolutely nothing to do with what the Foreign Minister is required by law to do.

    Every story in which this ‘alleged fraudster and fugitive from justice’ was mentioned has prompted professional comments from me.

    Tried to guide everyone, even reporters on the procedures as contained in the ‘…Extradition Act. No 12 of 1993.’ Few people seemed careless in reading the law for themselves.

    Informed visitors yesterday, right here (ANR) that Indian law enforcement authorities are not interested in nationality; only in wanted criminals.’

    Mehul Choksi is just one of the many criminal suspects.

    Rawlston Pompey hides behind no ‘…fake name ‘ to make a comment

    Speaks only from professional knowledge and experience.

    Do not blame Choksi for anything.

    • @Mr Pompey what or who is delaying the process. The excuse was the DPP was on vacation. What is the latest excuse?

  5. Choksi is innocent, just do a Google search and you will see how the corrupt India banks try to blame others for their losses. They just politically targeted Choksi, simple as that.

    I am happy that our Antigua government is protecting Choksi, our fellow citizen, as much as it can.


    See ‘…the real rastaman’ is jumping the gun about ‘…guilt or innocence.’

    The news item is really not about trial where such a determination will be made.

    Section 9 (4) states without ambiguity:

    “…Upon receipt of any such request (extradition) the Minister may issue an authority to proceed unless it appears to him that an order for the return of the person concerned could not lawfully be made, or would not in fact be made, in accordance with the provisions of this Act’ [Extradition Act: No.12 of 1993].

    Not sure what the Minister has seen or seeing. Cannot speak to that.

    But do know as the Sun will set today, that until the Minister issues the ‘ …Authority to Proceed (ATP), the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) cannot stand before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.

    In this case the DPP represents the India that has made a formal request for the return of the wanted fugitive from Indian Justice. With plenty of money and access to the Judiciary, they may very well have a long wait for ‘…Mehul.’

    He has showed clearly that he has no desire to have his ‘…social and financial status’ changed like that of notorious ponzi schemer Allen Stanford.

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