Surge In Praedial Larceny Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic, Police Reports


Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Frankie Thomas, has revealed that there has been in surge in agricultural theft amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Several farmers have reported that thieves are wreaking havoc in the undulating agricultural fields stealing crops, fertilisers and other items in the dead of night.

“We’ve seen a fair share of these reports and we’ve also successfully arrested and prosecuted persons for the offence.”, said Thomas.

Owolabi Elabanjo, senior extension officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, said he is not surprised by the surge.

“There are a lot of people out there, because of the situation in the country, they will be engaged in things like that. People are not working; they need money and steal your stuff to sell them at cheap prices,” he said.

However, Elabanjo is calling on residents to be more vigilant and to avoid buying gricultural produce from all and sundry just because it is being sold at a cheap rate.

“If they continue to have a market, they don’t stop stealing people’s crops,” Elabanjo highlighted.


  1. And what will happen wen the thieves meet the farmer in his/her ground and decides to shoot him/her what are these farmers to do how are these farmers to protect the livelihood how are livestock farmers to protect their animals wen ppl oou there stealing sheep, goat and pigs 10 at a time and even killing and butchering cattle in the bushes…..
    Senior officer what are you doing to help protect the farmers now that farming is in great demand on the island plz enlightening us

  2. Give the farmer guns and video cameras to protect their farm. Ppl work hard for there produce and other stealing. Kill or cripple those thieving motherfuckers

  3. Sometimes I am of the view that our Attorney General along with the police force tends to be reactive than being a proactive entity. Many times crimes could be prevented or minimized if certain operations are properly thought of, involving the residents in their planning…… Criminals are always thinking outside of the box and they tend to counteract or abuse certain conditions been put in place….. As a result, a cross section of the public, especially persons from the neighbour watch group needs to be involve in the planning so all ideas can be looked at brought on board

  4. Please tell the Hon PM that leaving a curfew for sixth days nah stop no theif no pple that nah work and hungry them go theif curfew or no curfew!

  5. This situation cannot be avoided hence the reason it is happening all over the world.

    Who will call the police and say they saw a masked man?

    After the robbery how will you identify the masked man via CCTV?

    Before everybody living in the country was locked up and made to wear a mask the police did not and could not prevent masked robbery.

    How do you expect them to control it now?

    The problem is not a police problem it is a people problem, what kind of people is the society producing that will do these things?

    For years I have been saying this……..


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