Surge In Branch Membership Applications Forces Postponement of UPP St. Peter Primary


The United Progressive Party’s St. Peter Primary will not be held tonight as promised, it will now be held on September 3.

According to reports, this is to accommodate the processing of more than 100 membership applications received last week.

It is also reported that the Central Executive of the Party have since met and ratified the applications, and a Branch meeting to formally “seat” the new members will be convened to formally seat the members and read their membership into the Branch records of the Party.

Three individuals, Colin Isaac, Chaneil Jackson Imhoff, and Tevaughn “Peter Redz” Harriette are hoping the represent the UPP as candidate for St.Peter in the next general election.




  1. If the people of that Constituency were to vote the “ROLEX” man back into that seat.They would have deserved the treatment they got over the past decades.Good luck in the Primary Colin Isaac.

  2. Wow! great sign of the renewed interest being generated in all the constituencies across the island. This no doubt is the harbinger of things to come.

    • In all? Boss you read the headline? “Surge In Branch Membership Applications Forces Postponement of UPP St. Peter Primary” You really worked for that law degree?

  3. getsense I did not have to work hard as perhaps you would have to. Doesn’t a surge in anything shows interest? Well all over Antigua and Barbuda there is an interest in the UPP since we have seen 6 years of failure. I hope you get the point.

  4. I DO NOT believe surge in Membership. This is a POLITICAL Stunt which backfires. UPP would like to parachute REDZ in the Constituency. The same as UPP did with CLEON ATHILL. 2023 ABLP 17…UPP O.That will be the result in 2023.


    BLACK MAN is a UPP WANNABE. He is just a LOUD MOUTH hiding OVERSEAS. Black Man find something to keep you busy and Not on ANR.

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