Supermarket footage shows two Chinese nationals in a confrontation


Supermarket footage believed to be of XPZ Supermarket shows two men of asian descent in a confrontation.

The man in red in the video is said to be Alex Feng who was charged this week with burning down XPZ.

ANR has not been able to independently verify the individuals in the video.


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  1. So because the video is old its not XPZ? It is XPZ. No one said the video was new. Some of you all just want to seem smart.

  2. I guess the melee is better than the story.
    Like where is this. Which Supermarket. Is this in Antigua and when was this. All pertinent information for the readers.
    And yes, Chinese people also fight with each other.

  3. I love how people come running to spectate like they’re concerned but none are willing to break up the fight.

    • And that’s not even the entire video, the altercation starts before the bit when the young man flip out the other guy was actually antagonizing him before he lost his patients and flip. But black folks don’t speak Chinese and right now all of them band like some great force against the guy so they gone post thing to make him look like a trouble maker cause whose to say what was said,but ppl have eyes and they saw.Alex ain’t the only person who get in fights at that place but that’s what they want to make it look like

  4. it’s the Chinese in the video with him who was the one who started the confrontation,there are ppl out here who know the whole story of that video…you all busy digging hole for Alex but make sure you all dig for your self to cause one way or the other ppl will learn the truth about all of you all at xpz including the owner and how you all treat your employees. Alex is a nice young man and part the reason why his own ppl hated him is cause he refused to carry news on the black staff and instead was friends with them and like them as they culture. When ping was given orders from all china and had tang and jesse holding him down for blows why you all don’t post video of that but want to come send video of him defending himself…but am guess there is no video of that abuse. Or had him working to the bone when he was sick and can barely stand up from his kidney issues..wanna shed light on something shed light on that…otherwise live the young man alone…cause there isn’t more damage can be done to him by you all hand at this point

  5. Who cares???? All those Chinese can go back where they come from.They don’t mean Antiguans any good… let them fight amongst themselves

  6. That is xpz all the way the one tht went between the two he is always to the east when u come in at xpz behind the counter where the watches head phone and other stuffs are when u push someone u don’t know when they will snap prime example

  7. I’m sorry for the employees, not too sure I care about Chiney business though,they really don’t give two hoots about us

  8. Alex was the best man they had in that place. He was kind and considerate. He loves Black people, and we all love him. FREE ALEX.

  9. If Alex was thinking he would have went to yida village for rescue from jail sentence, the free from jail zone

  10. I hope Alex has a lawyer and hasn’t said nutting.
    You can bet the police and prosecutor have absolutely zero evidence beyond circumstances

  11. Hmmm, interesting. Based of the comments since this whole debacle started and from insider information it appears Alex was yet another unfortunate victim of institutional harassment, also known as, “Management by Terror”.

    Unfortunate that he opted to retaliate in such a destructive manner, but a man can only take someone kneeling on his neck for so long. Employees give employers too much power simply because the latter signs at the front of their cheques.

  12. Thnk u for shedding light to dem alex loved locals n that was there issue with him he use to hang out with my cousin n he was a very pleasant young man he was tired of their abuse smh Antigua ppl just love see ugly for ppl

  13. I knew that David was not telling the truth when he said that, “The whole team, the Chinese team, is all united and we never get a problem between us, We never get a problem”, plus he left the company’s Whatsapp group after 5 am. More lies, “I tried to call him, and I tried to” message him and no answer. So we hope he is still out”.
    Lard left the group, he block you if he left the group.

  14. Alex is probably an OK guy, the Chinese people are OK… What I’m upset about is that the ABLP allowed the Communist Chinese to infiltrate Antigua!

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