Sun, Sea & Sangria: Your Trusty Travel Guide to Alicante


Greetings from Alicante, where the sun touches your skin, the sea hums a sweet symphony and sangria moves like poetry. In this dependable travel guide, we will explore the attractions of this Spanish coastal jewel together. We’ll provide you with all necessary information for making your journey here memorable.

Getting There: A Journey of Discovery

Before you enjoy the beaches of Alicante that are bright with sunlight, you need to start the journey towards this paradise. Do not worry because there are many choices available for everyone’s travel desires. It could be an adventure of a sudden road trip or simple and quick airport taxis which have been reserved beforehand – all ways will bring you into Alicante with a warm welcome.

By Air: Soaring to New Heights

Arriving in Alicante by aeroplane is a simple task, as Alicante-Elche Airport acts as the entryway to your Mediterranean joy. But how can you efficiently move from this airport to your last location? You might choose to take an Alicante taxi that is comfortable and will transport you smoothly from the airport to where you are staying. On the other hand, if you want freedom in your travel and to go around at your speed, think about renting a car.

By Land: Embracing the Journey

For the brave and daring hearts who desire an exciting journey, why not take a scenic road trip to Alicante? Visualise yourself driving on the twisting roads near the coast, feeling the salted wind in your hair while appreciating beautiful views that appear one after another. You may choose to reserve your car rental ahead of time; this service includes seats for children so you can have a smooth voyage all throughout.

Exploring Alicante: A Tapestry of Delights

Arriving in Alicante, it’s a moment to jump into the mix of experiences. This city on the coast is full of things waiting for you to do – from beaches that are soaked in sunlight all day long and old places of interest, to tasty food and other delights. Now, what should be the first thing to visit?

Beach Bliss: Sand, Sea, and Sunsets

A visit to the clean beaches is a must when in Alicante. Feel the golden sand under your feet at Playa del Postiguet, where blue waters invite you for a fresh swim. When the sun goes down, take a relaxed walk on the promenade and enjoy the colours of the sunset painting the sky.

Cultural Charms: Unveiling Alicante’s Rich Heritage

For individuals who love history and those interested in culture, Alicante has many things waiting to be explored. You can step into the past by visiting Santa Bárbara Castle that sits high up on Mount Benacantil. This place provides an amazing view of the city below from its elevated position. Get yourself lost within Old Town’s maze-like streets – each turn shares a tale about Alicante’s history.

Gastronomic Delights: A Feast for the Senses

Get ready for a food journey in Alicante that will make your taste buds dance. This place offers a combination of dishes, from traditional tapas bars with their tasty treats to stylish eateries along the seafront serving up inventive mix cuisine – there is something here for everyone. Always remember to add some sangria, this typical Spanish drink makes every meal complete and full of fruity flavour.

Conclusion: A Journey to Remember

Once you reach the end of your trip to Alicante, take time to think about all the memories, sights and flavours that have been experienced. From beginning in this coastal paradise with a reliable taxi, until saying goodbye at last – Alicante puts its magic on you forevermore. So now it’s up to you… Give Alicante a chance as your next stop, where the sun, sea and sangria are never ending.

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