Successful ‘Small Business Pull-up’ Hosted by UPP in St. Mary’s South, Despite Candidate’s Absence


The United Progressive Party (UPP) successfully organized another event called the “Small Business Pull-up” in St. Mary’s South, despite the absence of their candidate, Kelvin “Shugy” Simon.

On Saturday, July 15, Simon was supposed to lead a procession to various small businesses in the Bolans community.

However, he couldn’t make it due to the cancellation of his flight back home. Despite his absence, supporters of the initiative expressed their appreciation and felt the love in Simon’s hometown.

Simon, disappointed that he couldn’t be present for the event, sent his gratitude to the business owners and patrons.

He emphasized that the “Small Business Pull-up” provides micro, small, and medium-sized businesses with an opportunity to showcase their offerings and establish valuable connections within and beyond the community.

Although supporters and business owners missed having the candidate there, the UPP ensured a well-executed “Pull-up” in Bolans.

Several enterprises received support from the Party during the caravan, which was introduced last year before the General Election. The initiative aims to foster the growth of small businesses in communities throughout the country.

The Party emphasizes that wealth should not be measured solely by individuals’ financial status, but also by how the community’s development is supported.

Former Political Leader Harold Lovell attended the event and highlighted the tremendous potential for developing community-based tourism as a new niche.

He suggests positioning small businesses to showcase their culinary offerings and other traditions in order to differentiate the tourism product.

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  1. UPP embarrassing the ABLP each and every day. Nice! Keep putting the pressure on them lazy uncouth basket cases …


  2. I have been a card holding member of the ABLP. Always wanted to see a strong opposition and true democracy in this our native land. We don’t have a strong democracy but a fairly good one . The media coverage on the nation’s stations are not even. The constituencies boundaries are not done in a true democratic way and so are a few other processes.
    In spite of all these short comings, I am now impressed with the UPP party leadership. Forming the next government of Antigua and Barbuda is very close. I do hope that when your turn comes, that you will do everything in your power to strengthen our democracy.

  3. These pull ups only happen during an election or bi election. How pathetic. Sungu ain’t really different from Lungu indeed. Play on the people.

  4. So, they only show up during an election to entice you to vote for them. How foolish do they think people are? And how much money do they really spend and these little shops buying a few drinks? Give an aspirin guys.

    • @ From The Sideline

      Just like Samantha only show up now its a by-election in St Mary’s South to plant Pineapple that she has all but abandoned over 9 years ago.
      Why is the ABLP only fixing roads in the constituency now? As you say, ABLP think the people of St Marys South are foolish?
      UPP not giving away anything nor buying peoples vote with $$$$$$$$$$$$
      No political party campaigns constantly (apart from ABLP) that uses every opportunity whilst in government to make the opposition look bad- doesn’t Gaston and the ABLP only have concerts during election time to lure the young people to vote for them?
      You people are pathetic to say the

  5. @Sidelines: You have more guts than a cat fish.You talking about things being done only at elections.That is the play book of the ABLP.Here is a question for you.Is Samantha Marshall pregnant? I saw a picture of her and she looks to be that way.Congratulations to her,for a safe delivery. I am not the father.Are you the father?

    • ABLP is gonna need more than their 10,000 minions in St Mary’s South and more cutting and pasting of serpent’s voice to deceive the people.
      You tried all the tricks in the book to delay the inevitable by-election, using the most arrogant man in Antigua, Gerald Watts, but were simply outsmarted by the DUNCES in the UPP.

    • @ The gutter like Gaston- you know what I find really upsetting about you terrible hypocritical Labour supporters? It is OK when GASTON body shames other people and not a sound of condemnation comes from the uncouth mouth of you filthy scums. That’s why my family’s x’s will go to a decent and upright round souther Shuggy.

    • I’d rather be in the gutter than being SEWER RATS 🐀 🐀 like you Sidey and tenman – tek dat and bank it!

  6. At least UPP is looking out for their constituents, what does Labor do………I am waiting for the answer. Right nothing!

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