Study shows sperm decline in marijuana smokers


A recent study in the United States supports the findings from research in China that found past and present male marijuana smokers had a decline in sperm quality compared to non-smokers dab rig.

Scientists from Tulane University also found that smokers had greater motility of sperm, meaning it moved more quickly.

“The negative results, meaning low volume in semen and decrease in the quality of sperm, is a negative for fertility however what we did see in this study which we did not see in previous studies is there is an increase in the motility which in theory enhances fertility which is something we want to see,” said Dr. Armando Hernandez-Rey, a fertility specialist with Conceptions Florida in Coral Gables.

“However, despite that, the negative changes were much more significant than any positive changes that were found in these results.”

Hernandez-Rey said it’s still not clear what duration of pot smoking can impact the changes in sperm or whether the same impact could occur among those who use edibles and other forms of cannabis.

Marijuana use has increased an estimated 60% worldwide in the past decade.

And a study of patients undergoing a procedure to treat narrowing of the coronary arteries found that recent marijuana smoking tended to create different complications for these patients compared to non-users.

In a study by Blue Cross Blue Shield in Michigan, marijuana users experienced a higher risk of bleeding and stroke but a lower risk of acute kidney injury.

Because of conflicting data surrounded the exact effect of marijuana on blood clotting, researchers say bleeding avoidance strategies, such as approach surgery through a radial artery, should be adopted.

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    • Rasiley, you need to get DNA on every one of those pickney. Your sperm is so weak that you couldn’t impregnate anything. Read the study. You finish.

  1. Could that be one of the reasons. The population growth is at a stand still. Too many men smoking weed.Next they would be needing Cialis or Viagra.Remember Gaston wanted those young pretty Vincy girls sent to Antigua. For what purpose? If most of the men sperm counts are on the decline.

  2. I have been noticing that the media tends to change the narrative on things to suit their agenda. Marijuana smoking is not linked to declining sperm counts(solely), smoking anything is linked to declining sperm count including cigarettes. This is because the real issue is the smoke, not what you are smoking. Which is why I recommend vaping or steaming it. Please see below article on the effects of smoking and fertility which has been documented for years, they only changed the narrative now to single out Cannabis users. This is why I keep telling people it might be easy to just read/listen news but the media is designed to influence and sometimes you are only given the information that they(the media) want you to know. If you want to be truly educated on any topic, please do your own research.

    • SMOKING IS BAD POINT BLANK PERIOD!!! Smoke belongs in a chimney, NOT in the human lungs!!!!!

      Would like to see the part 2 of this report focusing on how men behave towards women when the sperm declines. How is the relationship affected?

      • You realize that is exactly what I said? I said all of that to point out the fact that smoking is the issue not Marijuana. There are better ways of using marijuana that do not involve smoking it.

  3. The real study should tell us the men am dem don’t eat properly to much fast food and street food so dem body malfunction don’t lie on weed cause I been smoking weed for 15 years and my sperm count is still very high

  4. Good! Too many baby no daddy, momma livin in shack. What dat baby gonna do when it grow up? Be da waiter at a resort, maybe make more baby he no take care of. Maybe it okay we not be makin more babies, since we cannot take care of what we have.

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