Study of Africans in Antigua finds that 38% of females assessed were either currently pregnant or had been pregnant before

African refugees at Dr-Lay-Apts-New-Winthropes



A total of 110 adults (78 male and 32 female) gave consent to participate in and completed the rapid assessment.


Approximately 94 per cent of respondents identified their country of birth as Cameroon. About 52 % said Nigeria was their last country of residence.


Most respondents (88 %) were under the age of 40; and the majority (64 %) selected ‘single’ as their martial status.




Approximately 10 % of all respondents were found to have a chronic medical condition; 38% of females assessed were either currently pregnant or had been pregnant before.


When asked about food intake, most respondents (75 %) reported to have either skipped meal, ate less than usual or went at least a day without eating.


Roughly 28 % said they need medical care.





A total of 82 % said they had experienced discrimination while in Antigua.


A total of 94% said they left their country of origin due to violence related reasons and 94 % answered they fear to return to their country of birth/origin.


A total of 44% cited migrant status (work permit) as their major specific need, with 39 % citing employment and income generation.


29 % said they need legal assistance and legal status; 24% cited accommodation and assistance with shelter as their main need.


An estimated 53 % of respondents said they received support since their arrival in Antigua. Most of the support took the form of in-kind donations.



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  1. So it took some caucasians to travel to Antigua to extract such basic information from the wealthy tourist from Nigeria?

    When will African people start to take responsibility for their actions. And rely upon themselves and let go the coat tails of their slave masters.

  2. “A total of 82 % said they had experienced discrimination while in Antigua.” Can’t help but recall the dissimilatory comments from those in the UPP camp: “They came here to vote illegally.. They came to take Antiguan jobs.. Accusations of them being unhygienic.. Calls for them to be deported” Then the same hypocrites claiming they holding vigil, while laughing, claiming they are concerned about those who died. Why does the UPP, so remind me of the sadducees and pharisees, spoken of in the new testament?

    • If ALP leaders didn’t get in bed with Nigerian thieves, they would be here ; therefore, 82% would not have suffered from discrimination.

      Why would some of them be hospitalized for Typhoid Fever if they practiced proper hygiene?

      ALP supporters were also saying they’re here to take jobs. Stop acting as if ALL ALP supporters are in agreement with this shite.

      Your gaslighting only works on the gullible, Ten Men

      • To the fake @ALP Supporter – what evidence do you have that ALP got in bed with Nigerian thieves? You do know just because you want it to be true does not make it a fact? If someone simply bringing a lawsuit against someone makes the accused guilty, then plenty people in the media (eg Nikki Phoenix aka Malika Moffett, MP Watt et al), UPP etc are thieves

        • ALP got in bed with thieves that stole the money of the West Africans that are stranded here. You want every ALP supporters to buy all the bullshit lies just because it comes out of the ALP leaders mouths.
          They LIED and said they were investors then LIED and said they were tourist, now we all know they are “opportunistic migrants.” Just because someone supports a party doesn’t mean they can’t see when they’re being lied too and it doesn’t mean they have to agree with everything the party does. We’re all not programmed robots, TEN MEN.

        • PS. Btw Ten Men, what evidence do you have that I’m a fake ALP supporter?
          That’s what’s wrong in the country, people keeping quiet even when their party does some shit that’s going to negatively affect them. Refusing to hold their leaders accountable; afraid to speak out because the leaders are spiteful. Will allow Antigua to go to hell in a hand basket. Well, some of ALP supporters aren’t on the gravy train; not all of us are COWARDS and MOOCHERS.

    • @tenman…

      A…have you ever attended an African Liberation Rally and celebrated African Liberation Day?

      B…why haven’t the education system incorporated such things, as Swahili, African Studies in the education system and require, that it’s mandatory such as English or math?

      C…why don’t the #BLACK CAMEROONIANS don’t consider themselves to be BLACK PEOPLE but more like FRENCH or BRITISH, the Europeans #WHO’RE using the same tactic of divide and conquer while providing them with weapons, to kill each other?

      D…Ask any of those CAMEROONIANS have they ever attended a Pan African Meeting which supports REPARATIONS, and their newly found “brothers and sisters,” in Antigua, the Plymouth Rock of the 21st Century?

      E…how many Antiguans who have being claiming they’re African Ancestry for DECADES, in particular, those of the Rastafari Community have the ABLP or any otger Ruling Arm of the Government assisted in even taking a trip to Africa where.Africans from the west resettled to, such as Liberia, Ghana, Sheshamani etc.

      Preacher Bob Marley had a hit song.
      …hypocrites and parasites will(finish and listen).
      Educate the youths about the truth, of the SHAM which has SHAMED. the ABLP government, as they good SCAMMED by the #NEXT LEVEL SCAMMERS in the game f SCAMPISHNESS causing shit to rain like scarce water from the sky.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Bastard
      Vere C. Edwards

    • How boring @ tenman 🥱💤

      I can’t wait to hear your viewpoint when the INDEPENDENT enquiry commences without any interference from ANY political party; and let’s see how these UNCONSTRAINED and UNFETTERED organisations deal with how the Africans arrived here in the first place.

      You sound worried – I wonder why?

    • I think you should listen to your PM Brown on his program yesterday on his findings regards to our brothers and sisters health. Now why should we be saying that the UPP hate the Africans imagine that a country was dupe by a group of people and intelligent persons in Antigua don’t want to know what went wrong

  3. 82% experienced discrimination/ 53% got in-kind donations.
    Is that 53 a part of that 82 that were assessed?
    The pregnant ones are their spouses with them or the breeding took place by our locals?
    What about that deadly virus that affects a large population of Camaroon. If not mistaken, the infected # may be more in number than our population?

  4. Everyone get discriminated at some point. Asked the Jamaicans , the Guyanesse, the Dominicans , the immigration is still deporting these Caribbean nationals illegally. It is illegal to deport anyone without a court order they do it to our Caribbean brothers anyway. It is illegal to deport a Child that is born in Antigua and illegal to separate mother and child. They deport Caribbean nationals that have children born in Antigua anyway.
    I am absolutely sure that these African immigrants are treated a million times better than our Caribbean brothers and sisters that worked hard to help build this country. Have you forgotten how our Caribbean brothers and sisters have to run and hide. Run through Cassie bush from immigration accompanied by police for over staying, locked up and beaten. Holding on to their passports which is also illegal.
    So please let these Africans know that they have been treated like kings and queen by the government of Antigua, by the people of Antigua to include the Caribbean brothers and sisters. By members of the clergy and by members of the UPP and ABLP parties ( All Antiguans).
    It is two different issues the treatment of the Africans and one wanting to find out how was someone able to dupe our government. How were people able to copycat three additional flights and landed them at our airport. Who gave the immigration orders to allow entry without visa , without return tickets. Who duped our entire public sector, our entire government- immigration, air traffic the entire border security.

    • @Frankly Speaking. I am in agreement with your assertions. Antigua’ immigration services is broken and corrupt, they follow the directions of ALP leadership, which is the author of corruption.

      The first plane with the Africans was greeted with water canons at a time when locals were struggling to get water.

      Amazingly, our national costume was insulted, as the airport management and government officials allowed the Africans to walk on our national costume.

      The second plane load of Africans arrived outside normal operation of the airport in the dead of the night.

      The Nigerian employee, who is employed by the Ministry of Argiculture, the chief immigration officer and other government officials were on hand to welcome them into the country and they were taxi to different part of the island using government vehicles.

      I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, West Africa and the US and I have never been given vip treatment like these Africans.

      All of them entered Antigua without a visa, no fixed abode, some if not all had duplicate false documents, but immigration still allowed them to land. I could not travel to the US without a valid visa and evidence of where I was going to reside in the US.

      It remains a mystery why they were allowed to land. The nation was undoubtedly duped.

      I am not convinced that ALP administration and the Nigerian employee were duped, as I take the view that they gained financially from the scam.

      No country with an effective immigration services would allow this scam to gain momentum as being played out. The PM, failed to take decisive action by putting an end to this monumental Violation of our immigration laws.

      Instead PM and ALP has offered them rights to remain, as a reward for breaking the law.

  5. The survey outcomes is unreliable: it stated that it is a rapid response, it did not state what instrument was used with gathering the information, it is assumed that a quantitative research method was used, but it failed to demonstrate sufficient statistical evidence to support its claims. Additionally, the survey did not ascertained the opinions of Antiguans.

    The outcomes came across as though the participants were coerced and the whitewash information is the type of nonsense that would be expected from corrupt administrations such as ALP.

  6. @Tenman Antigua Airline and the rich Africans is a Hoax and a lie, just like all the other Hoaxes that have been played on Antigua and Barbuda by Gaston for the past 15 years.

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