Students told to vaccinate or be removed from classrooms


Information Minister Melford Nicholas says when school resumes face to face classes next week, students who are not vaccinated will be removed from the physical classroom.

“All students who are eligible to take vaccinations are going to be required to do it” Nicholas said adding that n default, students will be removed from classrooms if they are not vaccinated within 14 days.

Three thousand eligible students still remain unvaccinated against Covid-19.

Schools across Antigua & Barbuda are set to reopen for face-to-face learning next Tuesday.

It will begin with the Ministry of Education’s Tier 2 strategy.

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  1. Wow a Dictatorship in the making .
    Watching from afar as my country is quickly turning into something other than free .
    Very sad
    They go to Parliament and easily pass/rubber stamp laws that needs to be added or amended with almost no opposition.

  2. Dunce elements in parliament with their baboon leadership, set of hyenas running this country…. Welcome the zombie world

  3. The system has failed our children. 🤷 It’s now based on achievement over actually learning skills that will help them in life, and vaccinations over what education really means. I’m saddened.

  4. Watching Antiguans complain about the government they elected by a landslide (election wasn’t even close) just to go put them back in next election 🙄…. All this huff and puff until y’all get to the ballot box. I’m glad people are waking up though. With no real opposition in parliament it is effectively a dictatorship (rubber stamp vibes) Because 2/5 of the voting population who would have not voted for the ABLP is only represented by “Pringle & Walker” If we as a population are not happy the the job our government is doing. Whether it be Red or Blue at any given point or election cycle we must always remember we have the power to put them there or take them out

  5. I can I still continue to laugh as my Heavenly Father is watching on to see how they are adapting to what the other leaders are doing. People of Antigua and Barbuda start praying and not just milk, yam meat of the gospel because the pastors are not, only a few.

  6. Ref Yahoo news 2 hours ago :UK stidy Delta Variant easily spread from vaccinated to vaccinated and in households .

  7. “going to be required to do so” in other words the government is planning to mandate that all children within the legal school age will be vaccinated by will or by force.

  8. Oh my Father’s, no consideration for our children, what a pity, what will Antigua Barbuda comes too? All raw soles in Parliament without children. It’s worrying. They are not fair as the anthem implies. Couldn’t there be another way of dealing with those students?

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