Students have their say on loitering after school


A survey conducted by youth in several urban schools has demonstrated how they feel about loitering after school.

It was undertaken by interviewing 100 students.

The survey sought to determine whether the youth determined that loitering in the streets of St. John’s—after school is dismissed—is deemed a problem.

Forty-four per cent (44%) said that it was not a problem while 56% said that it was a problem.

Students reported that in some instances they were awaiting a sibling since their responsibility is to ensure that they travel to their home together.

Others proffered other reasons for their presence in the city after school.

The government says further examination to determine what can be done, to discourage loitering, will be made.

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  1. Students, unless you are NOT doing an after school errands for your parents or taking after school classes, please go straight home after school have been dismissed. It will save the authorities time about putting something in law for Students Loitering After School Dismissal.

    Why not call it ‘…Lingering.’

    Legally and criminally, What is being touted as ‘…LOITERING’ is really not what the law stipulates.

    The Police must observe and distinguish ‘…suspicious behavior with criminal intent’ as opposed to students grouping together for whatever reasons, idly or otherwise.

    The commenter is right, except for a ‘…State of Emergency,’ when curfews are imposed, thereby restricting movement, the Constitution allows for ‘…Freedom of Movement’
    [ CO: 1981: Section 8].

    Not sure where they are heading, but in a democratic society with a democratically-elected government, certainly not to Parliament to make it ‘…undemocratic.’

  3. I can recall back in the Eighties and early 90’s when crimes was rampant in the New York area-one of the methods used to curb disorder on the streets was to control group loitering on the various blocks.. Some saw it as been Discriminatory,feeling that Blacks& Hispanics were the targets. They were not the targets,only that they were the ones really causing most of the problems. It worked. Why should a young woman or man wants to be all over the place after school anyway and why would a parent feels okay about that? Growing up we had chores to do after School, then Homework and although we all had times when we did things we should not,we knew we had to be home to get those chores done and homework after. These days it’s not just lingering or whatever we choose to call it-its lingering and been loud,aggressive and at times Boisterous,all of which i have experienced for myself.When they fall into all kind of problems its the same system you people will blame. Everyone wants to be politically correct,its not about wrong or right anymore..

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