Students detained, weapons seized following after-school fights in St. John’s


Several students have been detained, after police intervened to quell at least four fights in St John’s Friday afternoon.

The law enforcers also seized several sharp instruments which were being used as weapons, including machetes, knives and pairs of scissors.

There have been no reports of injuries.

Cell Phone videos show at least six students being whisked away in a police vehicle, following the tense clashes near the YMCA.

Police say three of the incidents happened in the vicinity of the YMCA, and at least one other close to the Works Ministry.

The Juvenile Justice Act stipulates how these cases are handled, including provisions for the detained students to be handed over to their parents, pending further investigations.

Police are urging the students to desist from these hostilities, and are admonishing parents to play a more active role in a de-escalation of these tensions.

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  1. Usually when we think about child learning and development, we think about schooling and institutions outside the home. My hypothesis is that most people will say we can fix childhood issues through schooling. Consequently, the role of parents has become kind of lost both in research and policy. But if you look at where children spend their time, especially during their most formative years, it’s in a family environment. They spend less time in school versus in the company of their parents. Parents need to play a greater role in their children lives. The callous and hostile acts that we often witness from many of these kids is indicative of what happens at home. As a parent, you influence your child’s basic values, like religious values, behavioral values, and issues related to their future, like educational choices. The stronger your relationship with your child, the more influence you’ll have, because your child will be more likely to seek your guidance and value your opinion and support. Only badly brought up kids behave like this on the streets.

    • The whole society is responsible if there are increasing rates of delinquency amoung youth. If parents have to run around frazzled trying to catch water to cook food etc. there is less time to keep kids occupied in wholesome activities. In the old days people didn’t have to rush to get out of the house for such and such a time because they worked closer to home farming etc. Modern times needs mondern infrastructure to be maintained at all times. If parents have to deal with all kinds of underhandedness e.g. office politics on jobs etc., they go home more stressed, which affects kids. All adults need to treat one another properly to model good behaviour and create a good environment for all the children. If parents can’t leave their children watching television for an hour without having them bombarded with the latest abomination, that other adults carelessly flaunt around the place or some unnecessarily violent scene, then it becomes harder from them to keep their children on the right path. If other families in the neighbourhood do dysfunctional things, that influences other persons kids. If society does not provide any wholesome activities for kids, they can become bored and get into trouble etc. etc. etc. We should all do our part to make society better for the next generation.

    • I agree
      I remember raising children I would be home most of their lives , spend half of the work day home and by time daycare or school is out I’m home ..

    • All that’s said is fine! But I’ll like to know what part of St.John’s looks like that with big mack truck driving on what supposed to be town roads? I don’t believe that would be allowed, so why show Antigua in that light! Aren’t there another more presentable photo.

  2. YMCA 1st Thing PUT Police or Security
    Details at Crowding Points.
    Keep School Traffic Moving
    Can’t Stop Integration & EGO.
    From Overflow..
    Plant Peace Mined Bombs
    Amongst US so Much Hocus Pocus

  3. Where are the fathers of these students? Just wondering that if the fathers played important roles in their lives these incidents would be less.

    Praying for them

  4. This is nonsense they had cleae intentions of severely injuring someone juvenile won’t do anything. Throw them in jail for a week and see how to come back out this isn’t the first time this is happening. They did this on their own the parents whether in or out of their life doesn’t have anything to do with this.

  5. If someone gets in a child’s personal space I think it’s fair to assume that they would get a thump in their face.

  6. Times have changed. You have to walk with you tool come ah lesson so you don’t get ketch a sleep pon road. Dice up a yout if he get infront ah me for vendor or bus.

  7. Times have change in this world its a different environment when it comes to kids. We need to remember children are having children so the mental thinking of theses kids of today won’t be much off a different if you watch Facebook you will see the amount of things children doing while parents are there making videos of them so we need to stop look on parents to now make a difference cause the parents are as mentally young as they children. We need to change laws if theses kids of today want to be adults before times then let’s set laws that will able to treat time as adults different times calls for different laws We must also remember our government plays a huge roles in some of these kids behavior when they make the laws to keep them in power same laws a hurting our generation

    • There are hundreds of Syrian, Chinese and European school children here. Show me one instance of anyone of them involved in situations like these.

  8. We have failed as parents. We have failed as a Christian community. Our Educated system has failed miserably. Our government has failed as policy makers. So what do we do now?
    No amount of security or armed police will make a difference. No amount of juvenile detention centers will make positive difference. Detention centers will just harden the youth to become hardcore criminals. So what do we do now?
    Santiago the capital of Chile was once considered the filthiest city in the world, garbage everywhere. The government of Chile with proper consultation, came up with a strategy. The effort was centered on the preschoolers. Today you cannot find a single straw on the ground in a city with millions. Today Santiago Chile is considered one of the cleanest cities in the world, if not the cleanest.
    Our political leaders must stop pushing the idea that money rules. Get rich at any means. We need leaders that are about people and not about self-enrichment. We need an education system that is not about passing 20 subjects with grade 1’s. We need an education system that prepares and provide the nation with well rounded citizens, with moral values and civic minded.
    I would prefer to celebrate any day that we have a beautiful nation, with moral values over 5 cruise ships docked in St.John’s Harbour. We had the largest cruise ship ever in Harbour, while our young men were threatening lives like Rwanda massacre. Nothing to celebrate!
    My mind on those patriotic independent calypsos – Hands in hands, We have nation to build … , Stand up for Antigua…, This land .. , OH yes; We pledge to to be good good citizens.. this is the road we must take. That is the other Level we must get to, each endeavoring all achieving

  9. All I would say is that back when I was a child the community did a lot of scolding then you will still get it when you get home. Today you can’t correct a child without their parents getting at you for doing so. Things won’t get any better today……..this will continue even if there is Police presence. They will just find the areas where they are no police. Let’s get back to the times when it was ok for any adult to correct any child.

  10. This is outrageous! I keep saying these kids aren’t scared of 1735 or the hotel that the government been trying to renovate for years call Youth Training center or something of the sort. Saw this video and said to myself this can’t be real. You have to be really out of your mind, brave, real dad man, or just don’t care a Damm about our laws, Police, and the penalties/ punishment that comes after.This wasn’t in the countryside where police might be hard to find this was high daylight in the city, so are we now grooming a bunch of dumb ass idiot young men? On the brighter side, I often condemn our promoters for bringing all these Trini Soca artists here for carnival, where the shows are quickly sold out and even on the road come carnival Monday and Tuesday all these Trini rhythm being played, but when you turn it around you can’t get none of our own artists toTnt and come carnival M&T damm if you hear one of our tunes being played, yet again it’s as if our artists only Carter to Antiguans cause our road marches over the past years stays right here.. Now in the early years to now respect was always given to the Monarch, Swallow and king Apsti, i saw Swallow mash up Tnt over and over. In this year Panorama competition TOURIST LEGO by our own the Monarch will be played by the Exodus steel orchestra and listening to this gives me goose bumps. Big up Monarch.

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