Student stabbed twice in the head


A 15 year old student was stabbed twice in the head with a pair of scissors on Tuesday morning at Jennings Secondary School.

The incident happened about 10:45amwhile students were on a break at the school.

Two 15 year old students reportedly got into an altercation, during which one used a pair of scissors to stab the other in the head.

The injured student has since been treated at hospital and discharged, while the other student fled the compound.

Police have since made contact with the assailant’s family, and are carrying out procedures stipulated by the Child Justice Act.

This is the latest incident of youth violence which has caused unease in the education sector and across the broader society.

Education Minister, Hon. Daryll Matthew has called on all stakeholders to play a role in cauterizing the situation. (STATE MEDIA)

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    • It’s time for the kids feel the wrath of the law. Suspending or expelling them from school is not enough. Those who commit such violent crimes should be made public examples by giving them Community services to do as a form of punishment. Many schools need cleaning. Others need a face lift.

  1. U calling on stakeholders!!! Call on the name of Jesus for directions……. call for prayer and fasting for our future doctors,teachers, engineers, pilots etc….

  2. The sad TRUTH is that these situations will only get worse and more severe as we draw nearer to the end of times. The human mind has been hardened with EVIL. We have blatantly rejected the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS AND instead adopted completely; the way of ‘WRONGTEOUSNESS.”

    The stage is set for the final showdown between good and evil. The battle line has been drawn. The enemy knows that his time of utter annihilation is soon and is on a serious quest to bring down as many humans as he can in this final run.
    We will continue to see the mad violence among not only our teenagers but throughout all demographics of society.
    The basic principles of “right and wrong” have been abandoned. Truth is no longer considered absolute.
    Selfishness is the dominant trait that permeates the human psyche.

    There is still hope for those who stand up for RIGHTEOUSNESS. Unfortunately, that number will be small and the majority; despite seeing the tragic results of the evil way of humanity will continue down the WRONGTEOUSNESS PATH.
    BROAD is the way to destruction and MANY there be that go along this path.
    narrow is the way to life eternal and few are willing to sacrifice to endure this disciplined path.

    The people have lost their way because we have rejected the Creator.
    He will NOT force mankind to follow His way. No…the choice is ours to make.
    When we make the choices then we have to deal with the consequences.

    The TRUTH about “Cause and Effect” has been omitted from our lifestyles. We want to sow evil and expect to have good results.
    It does NOT work that way at all. NO WAY!

    This is just PLAIN, SIMPLE TRUTH. But we refuse to believe and accept.

    The entire world is in a mess. Destruction all over: and still we have not seen the worse yet. These are just the beginning of SORROWS.




      • TRUTH DOES HURT but it makes one FREE. When we refuse to acknowledge TRUTH, then we have sold your hearts out to corruption and Evil.

        When we stand for the TRUTH…always stand alone.

  3. How much time is the minister going to “call on all the stake holders to play role”? Y doesn’t HE play a role by actually doing something about it??!! He is so repetitive! Clearly he has no clue what he is doing!!

  4. Who remember when every school use to throw their own fete? This was one of the biggest money maker back then, everyone having a good time violence free. Things have really changed.

  5. Report MUST be balanced, as form of therapy and healing.
    Now, while reporting crimes are important, to inform the public about destructive/negative behaviors, reporting must also have positive behaviors by other students, such as those in research, leadership roles, community building etc. Highlight and #Big_Up these students too. It’s only fair and balanced reporting.

    #Proactive Measures MATTERS!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard!

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