Student injured in gang-related fight


EMS Responds to possible Gang-Related Fight at CHSS

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was called to the Clare Hall Secondary School (CHSS) earlier this afternoon to attend to a student who sustained injuries during an alleged gang fight.

An eyewitness told the Antigua Newsroom that the boy was badly beaten by about four or five Barbudan boys.

According to reports the young boy was spitting blood and was rendered unconscious before the paramedics arrived on the scene.

The students also say that the Barbudans used an iron to hit the CHSS student in the head.
Initial reports indicate that the teenager’s hand may have been broken.

More details will be made available as they come to hand

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  1. Waiting to see how the principal (and President of the Teachers Union) will respond to this hope.

  2. The High School in Barbuda is not ready yet? Barbudans always seem to the ones causing trouble. If is not bullying is fighting. OH FATHER GOD

    • You need to move your bias ass. Like Antiguans don’t bully or gang fight? CHSS is know for gang fights. Why you salty…don’t be upset because Barbudans don’t take BS and stand up for themselves. It’s the new thing in school now.
      .fix that before u attack Barbudans

    • I’m laughing at the ignorance the radiates your mind. Gang violence must’ve originated in Barbuda then. All of the students should be punished for the violence.
      Isn’t the dump for minds as yours ready as yet? People like you are definitely the ones that breed backward logic and hate. You are part of the reason why they “bully” and “fight” so much. We can’t move forward when we have baggage

  3. Ablp vs Upp lol. This is the Barbudan daftion of the ablp that whipped the poor single member of the Upp the

  4. Now there was a fight which is still under investigation and people have come to the conclusion that Barbudans are always causing trouble and bullying. What a shame. From my knowledge gang fights have always been in the schools in Antigua. Stop dividing this twin island nation. STOP IT.

  5. Dear I love Antigua and Barbuda.i want you to do a research and tell me which students jump over the school fence at paynters of which they are attending,and went into the neighbor’s yard and stole a lot of snacks out of the people’s tray,that they have in their yard..This school has given those Barbudans free education due to the situation in their Island of Barbudan . .That school was never before embarrassed by Antiguan student caught up in theft..I have seen
    and heard some of thosee Barbuda children and they do not behave properly,some of them ,they are very devious and disrespectful.May the Lord help them and change their ways.Plantain sucker follow their roots.

  6. Barbudans need to get going that’s all they do cause trouble and feel they run things I hope they get what they deserve legally

  7. There’s always two sides to a story so don’t jump on Barbudans yet. There are alot of Antiguan bullies out there in the school who love trouble and just as how they use to tell the foreigners that dem bang Wata com yah, they probably provoked a Barbudan and this was probably the consequence.
    The Government should have already renovate the schools in Barbuda but yet still they’re extending schools in Antigua. These children need to go back home to Barbuda instead of suffering from harassment of Antiguan bullies at school. ABLP need to do something about it.

  8. All this negative talk about Barbuda children is so wicked of you ppl
    Have you ever stop to think the children may have been bullied /Provoked.
    Don’t act like it no happen all the time in the schools here ,there are many Gangs in schools and some Ayo bigger ones are their leaders that direct them what to do.
    What a shame on how you acting as if barbudan children invented school fights or gangs.
    Have you ever head of any thing like this happening in Barbuda.?
    The government should have made the education system a priority for the children to be cack in their comfort zone.
    Al the saying go back home ,send them back home
    If their future and the future of others was a priority they would have been back to Barbuda long time .

  9. The schools I Barbuda have been reopened. Why y’all nah stop purge ya concious and say the Barbuda not going home. They feel sastify to we in a shelter and they few who as there reduse to help with the rebuilding process. Chups them damn sickening now. Go the fck home and rebuild you damn island and stop pooch off Antigua.

  10. Why don’t you all try to get along. Soon there will be no land and country to fight for enjoy life and ask Jesus into your hearts. By fighting, you are not showing the children any example. It seem as though you too do not have the right concept of right and wrong. I know that things have changed since I was in school; but it seems as though most people have lost their minds.. Shake yourselves out og this misery. Jesus is coming soon. Show these kids that there is a positive and negative way to deal with any kind of situation, show them that you are different and you will see positive change.
    Be Happy and think positive.

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