String of sudden deaths should have every male in Antigua very uneasy


The recent string of sudden deaths in Antigua should have every male in the country uneasy, especially since no tests are being done to advise the population of the cause of death, United Progressive Party (UPP) Chairman D. Gisele Isaac said Friday.

More than a dozen men have died suddenly in Antigua in recent weeks, the latest two on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

“I’m so concerned that I’m staying home the same way that I did in March and April,” Isaac said on Observer radio’s OBSERVER AM programme.

“If anybody thought that we were out of the woods I think the last two sudden deaths in Antigua would make that person think again — especially in the case of Mr Peters. One might argue that Mr Browne was an elderly man and so on. But I am very uneasy.

“I don’t know how any male in Antigua would not be uneasy at the string of sudden deaths of males who were in otherwise normal health. When I say normal, I am quite aware of what they call the underlying conditions, and as I keep saying, we are all sufferers of underlying conditions. Once you get to a certain age you have an underlying condition. Medical Benefits Pharmacy was instituted because of these underlying conditions and most of the population, we live with our condition. We don’t drop dead suddenly from any of them,” Isaac added.

Only yesterday, Rudolph Browne of Freetown was found dead, while the lifeless body of Eric Peters was discovered at his Browne’s Avenue home the day before.

There’s not been testing to assure the public

“I am concerned that with this string of deaths there’s not been testing to assure the public that none of this is COVID-related,” Isaac said.

“And so [with] the absence of the authorities doing that, the public is left to speculate that ‘hey, this thing is still among us.’ You know, you can’t let your guard down because just when you think it’s safe to go outside here comes two sudden deaths again.”

Tourism picture being painted by government won’t pan out

Isaac said while she understands and appreciates the need for businesses to reopen fully, this should be backed up by wide COVID testing across the country.

“People have to make money , people have to be paid, there are other things we are accustomed to that we would like to go back to doing including going to church, going to the gym and so on … but 10, l1, 12, 13 deaths in a population as small and close-knit as ours, to me is as devastating as what is happening [in other countries] and I don’t want it to happen here,” Isaac said.

“So, I don’t know that I can feel easy about saying we’re going to open up the country and go back to the gym and we’re going to have people coming in on the strength of us being 98 per cent confident that they don’t have it. This is all very speculative.

“On the other hand, I don’t believe that the picture that the government is painting is actually going to pan out. June has never been a traditional period of high season for our tourism and I don’t know why when our source markets are reeling from this coronavirus we’re suddenly going to get a bumper crop of tourists in June, July, August and so on. It didn’t happen in good health, I don’t see it happening in poor health and with people not having money to travel as they normally would and being afraid,” Isaac added.

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  1. …and with the United Kingdom requiring all persons flying into their country to quarantine for 2 weeks, we will not see tourists visiting us from that nation. They have stated it includes U.K. nationals holiday if abroad. Why would anyone leave the U.K. to holiday here and then return home to quarantine for 14 days? We may get some tourists from New York and other parts of the USA but I am not so sure we want those Covid tourists. Look what happened in Barbados just a few days ago. They let in a private jet bringing a diplomat to Barbados from New York to see her ill Mother and low and behold she tested positive for Covid on arrival. And that is one person on a private plane. What happens when hundreds begin to come in on commercial flights from New York, Miami, Toronto, Atlanta, etc???

    • Last I check Covid -19 is a world wide situation. “ not so sure we want those Covid tourist”. Huh?? But the ones from the U.K. are ok? Bless your Heart.

    • It’s a good thing that statement didn’t come from the former Speaker of the House. Cause it would really have raised eyebrows.
      But you are right about that. And furthermore a more educated comment on that was made by Dr. Lester Simon yesterday on the TV. The underlying ailments of Diabetic and High Blood Pleasure medication have as side effects that men’s testosterones levels drop very very low, causing them to lose their ‘manhood’ and therefore they resort to products like Viagra and other enhancers. These things do take a toll on the heart. But poor Giselle trying to sound learned rather than to leave it to the medical professionals to comment on had to put in her two cents.

    • @ from the sideline
      Did Giselle mash your corn or steal your pig? You are beginning to sound like a winded coo-coo clock.

    • Tell the men to also go to the doctor and stay on their medication. It seems all the males who died were living single lives. No woman to make sure they looked after themselves.

  2. Miss Jennifer, what an inconsiderate and inappropriate statement. Totally baseless and tactless.

    Many people have lost loved ones over the past weeks. To all the people who have lost fathers, uncles brothers and friends, many condolences.

    To everyone, please be safe and only go out if you have to . Resist the urge to fraternize with friends.

    We do not know the cause of death for most of those deceased men and many families are still in mourning. We need to have a bit more class when we speak.

    • She simply repeats an observation coming from Dr Lester Simon last night (Via ABS Covid program). He pointed out some of the claimed sudden deaths, the persons medical records reveal some of these issues. He also stated that local testing has started. They are also testing some of the sudden deaths, and so far, they have all come back negative. The CMO is expected to provide some further details soon. You can simply visit the ABS Facebook page and replay the interview

      • Perhaps Gisselle should have listened to that broadcast before she went on radio to say that they are not testing the sudden deaths on possible corona virus. But then again I blame the host for allowing her to make those baseless statements without challenging her. Or perhaps he also didn’t watch ABS TV

    • @Elsa G- I agree. It appears that demonstrating empathy is rare these days. Stay safe.

    • @Elsa G
      I disagree with you!
      We are all sorry for the loss of the young man. But condolences to his family.
      Jennifer’s comment is a warning to the young men who are still alive. No one can do anything at this point for who has passed on. But sometimes it is at this junctures when one can reach those who are alive. It is the same thing that a Pastor does when presiding over a funeral; to make a charge to the people who are alive rather than focus his sermon on the dead.
      1. It is a know fact that the young men are taking Viagra like baby Aspirins. They mostly buy the Viagra from the black market which mean that they did not consult a Doctor. It’s almost like a mark for death if practicing such behavior with unknown heart condition.
      2. Fact, Antigua young me, in most cases, do not got to the doctor when they feel sick.
      3. Fact, a large % of Antigua men drink hard and party hard.

      lot’s of young men will be at this funeral and if I was the presiding pastor it would be my perfect opportunity to strike; put a charge to them. The goals would be to have them not to leave the same why they came.

  3. why is he saying “98%” confident from a test? What test is he talking about? there is no test, especially not a rapid test, that gives 98% accurate results. The gold standard is the PCR test they are trying to get running at the hospital and that takes a day or 2 to conduct once the samples are obtained etc. The PM needs to state what test he is talking about, has the test been validated, is it approved for use etc. Im beginning to think he is attempting to pull the wool with these comments

  4. So we now have the lady who is known to head women’s associations speaking on behalf of men. Fact is on average we have about 25 men die monthly. This has been so for at least 3 years. Figures for 2018 showed 295 males deaths by the end of said year. One need only Google and you will find articles from early last year speaking about persons who died suddenly. A&B had covid before the rest of the world? Some examples:

    1. Relatives alarmed by sudden deaths
    Feb 16, 2019 Daily Observer:

    “The sudden deaths of three people rushed to hospital this week with varying ailments are being investigated by the police, although there are no signs of foul play at this time. The latest deceased is 36- year-old Jemesha Robinson of Belmont, who woke up Thursday complaining of tightness in her chest and shortness of breath.”

    2. Another sudden death Nov 22, 2019
    “The daughter of ABLP activist James “Tanny” Rose, Sandy Rose, has died suddenly near her home in the Grays Green community.

    Sandy Rose was in her mid-forties”

    In this ABS news update…
    Relatives of 26 year old Potters resident Tariq Simpson


    • “So we now have the lady who is known to head women’s associations speaking on behalf of men.”
      She is a KNOW-IT-ALL and likes to dip her pot spoon in every pot. She controls Mr. Lovell and will certainly be the downfall of the UPP.

    • Well stated. Not every death is related to covid. Yes of course the fear is there because of how much it has affected the world; but I think we forget there are other factors that contribute to a person becoming rapidly ill and passing.

  5. Asking a member of the opposition what they think of Govt policy (as is done twice per week usually on Observer’s morning show) is like asking an ex what she thinks about anything regarding your new girlfriend. You know what her answer will be in every instance.

    However, in a time of crisis as now you would expect some level of objectivity in moving the country forward similar to what is being done in parts of Europe and the US where they actually had Covid outbreaks and significant deaths. We’ve instead just had a two month outbreak of negativity and opportunism from the opposition who doesn’t want to participate in anything constructive since they want to be free to criticize.

    In reality no porridge is just right. If it’s not too cold then it’s too hot. If the temperature is just right then it’s either too little or not the right consistency or taste. Every action can be criticized but putting people’s livelihoods at stake by fear mongering to the less intelligent or gullible is sad.

    • Fear mongering as in Lovell predicting that Barnes and Straffie will overflow with dead bodies from covid-19??

  6. I guess Giselle can afford to stay home for the rest of her life with a big government pension and whatever else she can make from being aid to Jamal Pringle. A unemployed single mother will have to find away to make a living, Covid or not

    • @ from the sideline
      Did Giselle mash your corn or steal your pig? You are beginning to sound like a winded coocoo clock.

  7. The ALP choir singers are out in full force tonight with their assigned talking points.

    After 14 males dead in less than two months, families still in morning and the bodies not even buried as yet but the two prostitutes (neither with any medical training) are proclaiming that these sudden deaths are not Covid related and otherwise healthy people fall off their chairs or die in their sleep.
    Some Covid test were done (how many?) they said and most (how many exactly?) came back negative.

    You mean to say that a whole government can’t find anyone in the ministry of health that can count from 1 to 15?….. not even our chief pathologist. I can smell BS a mile away.

    Where is JFII when we need him.

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