5 persons arrested as police crackdown on rising crime



Five people are now in police custody, while over thirty traffic tickets were issued to drivers, as a result of several snap ‘Stop & Search’ exercises conducted by the police on Friday, May 19.

Police officers from the various stations and departments, along with members of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force took part in a nationwide operation which resulted in the police stopping and searching 285 motor vehicles.

Three of these vehicles were taken to the Government Motor Pool for not being licensed and insured.

Several search warrants were also executed in Bolans, and two people are in custody in connection with allegations of House Breaking and Larceny.

Two other persons were arrested by the police for traffic violations, while one man is facing charges for Possession of Cannabis.

These operations form part of the ongoing crime-fighting and security measures that are being implemented by the police administration to address the issues of rising crime.

The public can expect to see these and other strategically planned operations continuing into the upcoming festive season and beyond.

The police are appealing to the public for their full support and cooperation, as they continue to provide the best quality security services to the nation.

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  1. This whole stop n search is temporary. Not all the police are lazy or bad but majority of them are n are working with the crooks. We all know Antigua police lazy and they will not do stop n search in the ghettos during midnight hours or patrol in late hours like real police, because the vehicles are parked up in some woman yard while they on duty or parked at station while they sleep. This stop n search will only impact regular hard working people while criminals come out later on n do their thing.

    • So true but u forget at Spanish bar park police vehicle an drink inside like they not working

  2. How is this deemed as a success? Of 285 vehicles searched, you got less than 10 persons doing something illegal. It sounds to me like Antiguans and Barbudans are being lawful and the police and defense force are trying to prove a point. Please find the people who are robbing people and raping women. That is what we need done, not 10 officers in one place stopping 2 cars at a time on a Friday night, impeding persons from getting home after a long week of work. Antiguans are tired of the stage show. Address the hundreds of people on the road every night with 1 headlight on their vehicle when bulbs are only a few dollars, or people who cause accidents because they don’t understand the basic concept of right of way. Police presence is required 24/7, not randomly every now and then.

    • How can they do their jobs when as soon as you see a police stop and search blockade it’s posted on social media so those breaking the law know where to avoid???

  3. Force mek water go up hill. It’s about time. Is it going to be a continuous exercise or is it a spur of the moment decision? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  4. Motorists! What am I reading?

    I really thought this police initiative was about the crackdowns on youth violence; night vigils on possiblle breaking and entering (in homes and businesses); also more daytime patrols, etcetera etcetera, add infinitum …

    And what is the police commissioner current priorities?

    The motorists. My word! Lord help us please!!!

    Tackling the “low hanging fruit” is not what we want at present commissioner Rodney.


  5. Waste a fucking time and tax dollars……….
    Antigua lazy police 🚔 and them love to grand-stand, instead of getting the real criminals

  6. Waste a fucking time and tax dollars……….
    Antigua lazy police 🚔 and them love to grand-stand, instead of getting the real criminals

  7. Stop n search? I’m sure the men who robbing & raping still out there. How about you guys prioritize what needs to be prioritized chupz bout 285 vehicles & 10 unlawful catches, what is that? Ah beg you lowe the ppl dem

  8. The Parliament needs to pass laws for Minimum mandatory sentences for certain crimes they wish to stamp out. Our judges seem to be far removed from our problems. Criminals are seen back on the street too soon. And the police also seem to make too many blunders during their investigations.
    And I would rather be stopped by a policeman with a gun, than by a robber with a gun.

  9. Wha mek some ah ayru rh nah cum fram behind ayru phone screen and go look fu rapist and robber man me sure some ayru who ah mek da most comments ah da rapist and robber man empty vessels do mek da most noise!!!!

  10. Keep up the good job Officers.The stop and search are a deterrence to the criminals and the rapist in Antigua.Officers please continue the stop and search it is a very effective way to keep the criminals at bay.

  11. Police driving around with flashing lights at night can’t catch no criminal. They announce their presence from a mile away.

    I commend the officer who tried to stop the roti king robbery, we need more like you sir. I pray for your speedy recovery.

    Police have the tendency to talk to grown folks like little kids. Those sons a bitches will turn hard working people into criminals………. With that stinking attitude

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