Stockholm Syndrome – The Tool Of The British Monarchy


Stockholm Syndrome – The Tool Of The British Monarchy

Days of reveling  in the Monarchy Reset compliments of Big-Media, our people have summoned every emotion the media conspired to evoke, while watching the most expensive (Billions) display of the British monarchy staging ‘The Queen is dead; Long live the King.’ Even the hymns of the services recall schooldays and the influence of the Anglican Church on our childhood.


Wallowing in the British military precision on stage which we have been taught to love so well, while pledging loyalty in song of ‘God save the Queen/King’ the commonwealth has had its fill of royalty. Nostalgia and its lies have surfaced, Stockholm syndrome is fully in effect, the Monarchy won again?

Reading the real news and diverse comments from the commonwealth, especially hearing from the dark and black skinned people, the British were depicted as by far the most wicked of the Europeans, who used cruelty as their preferred means of breaking humans during the slave trade trafficking, and enslavement, forced labour, and increase by rape of enslaved persons, labeled chattel.

The African and Caribbean black person have been disenfranchised, but their empathy and ability to forgive the Queen and the monarchy comes out especially in older persons; the young people fortunately have dumped the Queen, but they have no interest in what happened in slavery either.

The detail which went into planning Queen and the King parades and church ceremonies was for the colonization of the world’s consciousness, by the masters of colonization. The world that was colonized by the British all attended to mourn their loss. Even the Caribbean, Africa and India, sent their Heads of Government and their Governors General, giving assurances of their loyalty to the new king.

So now are we going to make this reparations issue a front burner issue with King Charles III? This is not just a monarchy issue, recognizing that they too got their share out of our ancestors, but an appeal to Charles to repair the past with the British Government, Private Sector and the monarchy. They all shared in the rape and rip-off and further shared among their banks, universities and churches, all which could make their individual contributions shared.

Let us not be fooled by recent ratings of the Queen’s worth dropping several 000s.  Let it it be known that the royals are British oligarchs as one celebrated writer stated: King Charles III his heirs and successors with 6.6 billion acres of land and property, is also quoted as having $28Billion.


Charles needs to begin working on his legacy as the fixit monarch, working with Reparation Organizations on the plans for the development of those countries making demands. It must be continuous even as slavery was and colonialism is continuous up to this very day.

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  1. The problem is black ppl are still selling black ppl. Gaston has sold us to the Chinese, Lester sold us to a Russian billionaire and others. Party don’t matter when ppl don’t stand up for what is theirs, their country!! When will Antiguans stop being bitter and twisted and lazy and just unite and demand better from our own people?! Why you demanding better from white ppl who enslaved you when u can’t demand better from your own?? Might as well get the reparations made straight to Gaston cos if poor ppl think they will see any of that money clearly we have not learned as people. Open aru eyes!

    • We always miss the big and important issues with silly and nonsensical comments. That’s why things are how they are.

  2. An outstanding news story.

    Absolutely, this is case of Stockholm Syndrome by the UK monarchy and their authorities.

    They think they can hid their past misdemeanours by fake kindness and softly spoken words that does nothing in addressing the downright wickedness that they put our ancestors through.

    For instance, after the abolition of slavery in the British colonies in 1833, slave owners were given huge reparation payouts.

    The British government paid out around £20 million to compensate some 3,000 families that owned slaves – that’s the equivalent of around £16.5 BILLION in todays money!

    The true scale of Britain’s involvement has been laid bare in revealing documents of how the country’s wealthiest families received the modern equivalent of BILLIONS of pounds in reparation payouts.

    According to a Dr Nick Draper from the University College of London (who studied the compensation papers), as many as one-fifth of wealthy Victorian Britons received all or part of their fortunes from the slave trade.

    Dr Draper said: “There was a feeding frenzy around compensation …”

    Fortunately, for the ancestors of former slaves the reparations movement is growing, with Barbados leading the way.


    Expression of condolence to the family of Queen Elizabeth II on her passing over! It is the proper thing to do.

    At her birth, she won the lifetime lotteries; the power and protection of generational-economic wealth and the power and influence of cultural benefits. She was born a white female of remarkable european-physical beauty with the inheritance of economic wealth and social privileges from the British Empire. She lived a long, wonderful life, daresay, a life of pleasure, reputation and reason, that she enjoyed with her family. And they, in turn, will be the beneficiaries of her legacy and enjoy their lives of privileges well into the future.

    “God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.”

    “A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

    Our venerable Centenarians – our noble grandparents – and our heroic enslaved ancestors, of African descent had few or no choices within the economic system to earn a living: “washing, cleaning, working in the canefield and picking cotton.” Their labor produced the economic wealth and cultural benefits of our colonizers.
    They, our African descendants, survived by practicing the fundamental economic principle: “eat a little, save a little and spend a little.” And spiritually, they internalized hope of a better future, faith, through religion.
    Now, “What’s in your hand?” smartphone, iPhone, tablet – a computer! Use it as a beginner, learn all you can about the electronic device – Computer Science, Coding. Use it to research, study, learn STEM subjects; principles of Economics, Finance; Business subjects – Bookkeeping, Accounting; Caribbean History. Apply the knowledge mixed with your talent and entrepreneurial spirit to create, innovate and start businesses.

    Pre-K to tertiary! Our education system MUST PRIORITIZE STEM and business curriculum powered by our OECS and Caricom creative Arts (consciousness) in EVERY PUBLIC SCHOOL and INSTITUTION year-round – in school, after school activities, summer.
    Our economic growth and social development REQUIRE that transformation from the colonial education for elite management and unskilled labor.
    We must get rid of our STEM INFERIORITY COMPLEX! STEM is achievable and rewarding for everyone, man and woman. We must want to know STEM and business principles so that we can apply the knowledge to start and build business enterprises and get things done to produce something of value.


    • @Ratwell. Please run for prime minister. There are many other suggestions. We allow politics to divide us, the black people. And whistdt we are hell bent on victimizing our own, just for political power, others are easily walking in, taking over and gaining economic wealth. Then we give away our lands. The list of black blunders continues.

  4. How did Britain become the most powerful country in the world, defeating the all powerful French and Spanish and even our forefathers, in a time of nation conquering other nations, Britain do not apologize for winning, do not diminish the sacrifice of your brave and victorious soldiers.

    • Using your same argument, then Haiti 🇭🇹 should also be one of the most powerful countries in the world.

      Under the great military leadership of Toussaint L’Ouverture, he defeated Napoleon of France, quelled a Spanish invasion and dare I say defeated an expedition of 60,000 British soldiers, under the watch of Nelson – I can bet you your own history books never informed you of that!

      L’Ouverture was so successful as a combative leader, the Europeans soon copied his military tactics.

      The only way he could be defeated was by the British tricking him into thinking he was going to some sort of peace meeting with the nations that he conquered.

      However, he was tricked and kidnapped because there was no other way to Defeat Haiti.

      Haiti has never recovered from this duplicity, and the countries that were defeated and destroyed by them, made sure that over time, Haiti would never ever be a threat to them again.

      For more amazing military facts about one of the all time greats read “The Black Jacobin” by C.L.R James.

      As a Times reviewer succinctly put it:

      ‘[Toussaint L’Ouverture] the black Plato of our generation … the founding father of African emancipation’

  5. @Pay Cheque to Gaston’s personal account – I agree. Let’s clean our own house. If it’s not clean we’ll just slowly become a colony of another king, that might be even worse. As they say, u know wha you have, you na know wha u go get.

  6. Reparations for slavery and abolition of the monarchy must be our watchwords now. No apologies for slavery, no excuses for those who benefitted from it!

  7. Isn’t it just wonderful how the TRUE characteristics of some of the replies on this particular ANR thread reveals how they REALLY feel about slavery and people of colour.

    However, I’m not surprised in the slightest.


    From a proud Antiguan patriot – we little, but we tallawah …

    • Brixtonian, I hope you not in King Charles garden talking ‘bout reparations. We got reparations, it’s called “Antigua”.

  8. Becoming a republic is qite coomplex. First off you need a written constitution, where you writer down your rights instead of depending on British Common Law since the Magna Carta. There’s a little thing you should seek out in Canada…the “justice industry” makes a ton of money out of our little experiment with a Constitution. wow. Then of course there’s the Commonwealth. Want to keep chumming with CHina? See what it did for Grenada! Wow.

  9. I wish the person who posted the article had make themself known. What are you hiding from? Such bitterness. Get over yourself. How we choose to honour our queen is our business and our tax paying business. I didn’t hear anyone complaining when Britain handed over millions of pounds to fix the roads in Antigua

    • Your insensitivity to the history which the black Africans were made to endure for such a long time labouring in the cane and cotton fields, establishes you colonial mentality which has not yet liberated itself. Your taxes today are only possible because of the foundation of sugar, cotton & rum. The bitter truth!

    • Honour your queen, but Antiguans don’t see why they have to as well.

      And here’s why? @ Miss Wadadli.

      To equate road building to the horrific past of your beloved monarchy, especially under queen Elizabeth’s l reign is absolutely abhorrent, when she allowed people under her watch like Sir Hawkins to implement and then continue making an absolute fortune for the monarchy and Britain as well from the slave trade.

      … and according to you, we should be grateful for the crumbs from the English’s table?! TARL!


  10. Charles: Hello, Gaston, good to see you
    Gaston: I come to get the reparations that you cheat us out of from slavery.
    Charles: That’s all you want? No problem, man.
    Gaston: Oh, yes. Ok. Let us start negotiating. I have some notes here from Hillary and
    Charles: Only one small condition, OK?
    Gaston: (taking out his calculator) OK, let me hear it.
    Charles:It will be difficult for me to give you reparations for colonizing your people
    when you are doing the same thing now to them with the Chinese. I mean,
    how dat go look? It is true you did not call us but we know that you invited them
    to colonize your people. That will be hard to get past the Chancellor of the
    I hope you understand my position, Gassy.

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