Still no word on when Antigua Airways’ commercial flights will begin


There is still no word on when commercial flights will begin for Antigua Airways.

The airline’s managing director Opeyemi Olorunfemi told Observer recently that they are still awaiting the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA).

Until then only charter flights are allowed.

“Right now, we are running the chartered operation and we still continue to run that operation until we get the AOC.

“We are working very hard towards that to obtain the AOC. I am very optimistic that in the coming year will be the point in which we switch to the commercial level,” Olorunfemi explained.

Once given the green light to operate commercially, Olorunfemi said there are plans to enhance the airline’s service by not only expanding weekly flights to two or three times but also by enhancing their customer service “so as to give passengers a greater travelling experience”.

The last chartered flight to the island was on Independence Day, November 1, when over 100 passengers were brought here.

Antigua Airways was branded as the first airline linking the twin island nation directly to the African continent.

There has been much public scepticism over the feasibility of establishing the airline, with UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell among critical voices questioning the airline management experience of the company behind it, Abuja-based printing firm Marvelous Mike Press Ltd.

However, the government of Antigua and Barbuda has continued to express confidence that Antigua Airways will be a success.

SOURCE: Observer

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  1. Why are these flights operated by a man who owns A PRINTING PRESS? I hope they don’t try any skullduggery with our election. Could it be these flights are delivering counterfeit ballots? I don’t know but the question needs to be asked.

    • We need to know what’s going on. Gaston up to something. We have to watch closely. He is desperate. We know where scams originated. Something not right. These Nigerians cannot afford hotels at that low rate, how could they charter plane…. Inquiry minds want to know.

  2. So why not wait until the commercial flights begin to have flights .. what is the urgency of having ‘special’ charter flights to bring a bunch of Africans into Antigua .. what’s really going on here. So the airline isn’t operating but we need special flights to have a bunch of Africans here with no destination

  3. Didn’t they 2 flights are scheduled for this month? Can’t remember the dates off hand but I think it should have been between the 24th December and the 26th December. Too many holes in this story. Someone is lying 🤥!

  4. What’s the urgency of having these people in Antigua, Gaston Browne?
    What were the economical benefits to Antigua and Barbuda derived from these two ✈️ flights.
    Why do they have to be in the country before election?
    Is there anything else coming in on those flights other than legit passengers?€

  5. In every civilized country, there are people in key positions with consciences. People who will look critically at a situation and determine its advantages or disadvantages to the future, safety and integrity of a nation. They will then speak out, often at great cost, about the corruption, illegality and how detrimental these decisions are to a country. Here in Antigua and Barbuda, there are no such persons? Are we such selfish, reprehensible cowards? There are immigration officers, the head of immigration, people in national security who must interact with these Africans upon arrival. Are they engaging in unlawful immigration procedures? At who’s orders? Folks, this is what
    exacerbates our situation here in Antigua and Barbuda. Too many reprehensible cowards, blinking at irregularities.

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