Steps to Take If You Find Yourself in an Accident While on Vacation in the Caribbean


Having an accident while you’re on holiday is always an absolute bummer. Not only is it a punch in the face, but it also comes with legal as well as financial implications. So, let’s take a look at the steps you need to take if you’ve encountered a car accident while you’re in the Caribbean, so that you can calmly proceed with the best course of action.

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1. Pull over and Call the Police

One of the first steps you should take is to move your car out of the way if possible, to avoid creating a traffic jam, and call the emergency number of the country you’re in. It is important to have the police present at the scene in order to file a police report of what happened—which will be necessary for the car insurance procedures—and to take the witness’ accounts into consideration. The police would need to get a full report on what happened to help you with the procedure. 

2. Take photos and gather witness information 

Sometimes it is difficult to identify who is at fault, but it is important to have all the information you might possibly need as a reference to help your lawyers get you the best deal they can. That’s why you should always take as many photos as possible of the accident, damage, as well as license plate numbers and the drivers of the vehicles. While exchanging car insurance information might also be a good idea, it is even better to gather witness information, accounts, as well as contact details in case you need to refer back to them at a later stage. 

3. Speak to a lawyer 


While some cases might not require a lawyer to be present, there is no harm in speaking to a lawyer in order to figure out what is at stake. Depending on the gravity of the accident, finding the right car accident lawyer may be of utter importance. Especially if you’re unsure of who is at fault or if you’ve been severely injured, the right car accident lawyer can not only facilitate the process and legal matters with the car insurance companies, but also help negotiate the best compensation deals and let you know what you’re entitled to. 


If you’re at fault, they will also help protect you and minimize the financial implications you’ll be accountable for. In any case, it is best to speak to a lawyer in order to figure out what the laws and processes are in the Caribbean. 

4. Do not offer predictions 

Even if you know you are at fault, it is best not to verbally admit it at once the situation has been assessed, you could find that there were other factors that caused the collision instead. However, if you are heard admitting fault, it can be held against you and either lead to financial implications on your side, or even legal obstacles that you would like to avoid. 


It is also best not to try and predict the ramifications of the accident or express medical concern about your status, as well as other passengers’, until a professional has actually been contacted. That way, the only thing that can be assessed will be the actual witness and medical reports, rather than what you thought happened at the time. While it is difficult to stay calm in a situation like this, it is best to do things by the book, follow protocol and wait for the reports to give you the proper overview of the accident. 

5. Get a checkup and a medical report 


Even if you think the accident wasn’t a big deal, it is vital to get a doctor’s report as soon as possible. With concussions and other injuries, the symptoms might not be evident at the start and therefore they need to be ruled out by a professional. Getting a medical report on the day of the accident will also help verify that whatever injuries you sustained were a result of the accident, which can help you negotiate a better compensation deal. It is not enough to verbally state that you were affected by the accident, but it is important to have written documentation by a professional who has authority and expertise. 

6. Notify your insurance company

Filing a claim is necessary within a certain time frame depending on the insurance company you’re dealing with. It is also important to check out your insurance policy in order to see what you signed up for. In some cases, you might not be eligible for coverage based on the reasons of the accident itself. But, file a claim anyway, making sure you have all the necessary information such as the time, location, weather conditions and the damage done by the accident to both parties. Don’t forget to include police reports as well as medical reports if needed. 

7. Remove any belongings from your car 

Whether your car is a total loss or has been slightly damaged, it will be under inspection by many parties. That’s why it is best to remove any belongings from the car in order to avoid theft or loss of personal belongings in the midst of all the chaos. Especially if your car is no longer working and will need to be towed, it is very important to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind.

8. Replace your vehicle if needed 

Depending on the insurance policy you signed with your rental company, you might be able to exchange your car with another rental if any damages occur. So, if the vehicle is no longer working or is showing signs of wreckage that concern you, it is best to return it to the renting company and replace it with another car. That way, your safety, as well as that of other passengers who are riding with you, will be protected. 


Accidents aren’t exactly a walk in the park while on vacation—or any other time, really. However, it is essential to follow the above steps in order to prevent any further headache, and to get the compensation you deserve. And remember, you’re still on vacation, so don’t let an accident ruin the whole trip for you. 

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