Step-Father Pleads Guilty To Raping His 12-Year-Old Step-Daughter


A man pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 14 contrary to Section 5 of the Sexual Offences Act.

He appeared before Justice Ian Morley for his arraignment on Wednesday and admitted to having sex with his under-aged stepdaughter in 2017.

The convict will be sentenced on January 24th 2020.

According to reports, the offence occurred on the 17th of December, 2017. However, reports have it that the man has been touching her chest and privates since 2016.

While the young girl was home, he met her in the bathroom naked and told her to take off her pants and underwear.

He then held her around the waist and raped her.

It is reported that the man continued having sexual intercourse with the 12-year-old until she had a breakdown in class, January 2018.

The girl told her classmate about her step-father and her classmate told the guidance counselor, who then called the girl’s mother.

The mother took her daughter to the police and the man was later charged.





  1. This is horrible but too often we protect the guilty. He pled guilty, where is his name! His picture! Let’s put these dirty old bastards to shame. Sicko let them also register as sex offenders these old men need to leave these young babies alone… bring them out in the light! Shame dem

  2. How is it that you have a child and don’t see the changes in her behavior?

    Women need to listen to the men they date when they talk. You know from their words and actions towards others who they are.

    Woman also need to stop changing man fast and bringing them among their daughters.

    You daughters should be able to open up to you. Why was your child not talking to you?

  3. I pray she gets the help she needs and I hope he’s imprisoned for most of his life. There are so many women who can testify to being molested or raped by big men including myself. Fathers cousins uncles close friends 😯 It’s sickening.

  4. Mothers form a relationship with your children ..especially your daughters ..learn to read them their behaviour,their body language …talk to them and allow them to talk to you ..silence is a big regret ..i hope she gets the help that is needed to make her strong

  5. I may sound controversial but please note that i am a father, a brother an uncle and such behaviour ” child molestation ” i definitely will not condone…. Child molestation is very prevalent in our society….Some cases are expose others are hidden…. I will agree that some are mentally sick and others are criminally minded….. However, on the flip side some of our young girls at such tender age are “funked” and place themselves in vulnerable positions to be intefered with….. Some cases are not reported by the child, not because of fear but because the act is encouraged by the child perhaps based on what the child is recieving from the man….. Our children can be very vulnerable and society helps to create that setting…. Yes the laws need to deal with those male perpetrators, but our society needs an overhaul from allowing persons to have high self esteem only if they are in possession of certain materialistic item..

    • Don’t know what you mean by “flunked”, but I will tell you this, these dirty perverted old men should have control of themselves and not molest young girls just because they may or may not be able to entice them with gifts. No sympathy for these men. They should be jailed where the other prisoners can deal with them.

    • @blunddy Bloke I can understand 100% but your totally sick if you’re living with a woman who you’re having sexual relations with and one day you start getting aroused by her young 12 year old daughter who’s supposed to look up to you as a father figure?
      The preteen was so distraught that she had to confide in a friend who immediately told the Guidance Councilor. There’s a time and place for everything @Bluddy Bloke but today wasn’t the day for this one under this news article.

    • While you touch some great points…you’re talking nonsense…..children can not put themself in the position…..a child should be able to walk naked and not get there innocent taken ….. a child can be promiscuous, vulnerable call it whatever you may but you are the adult you should be the one to protect and teaching them not to take disadvantage… animals such as dog, cow walks with their private dangling … that means you must go on rape them….some of these men are sick

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