Stay off the radio PM tells ‘Teco’


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told his Works and Housing Minister Eustace “Teco” Lake to refrain from granting radio interviews.

Browne was asked to respond to a statement Lake made suggesting he was made to sign a resignation letter that he did not write.

Speaking on Point FM, his own radio station, Browne said, “Teco needs to keep off the radio.”

“Teco is incoherent…he needs to look after his health,” the prime minister added when asked why.

Browne also said it was “totally untrue” that the letter was written without the MP’s consent.

“We discussed this matter in cabinet more than once, on the final occasion when he did say ‘ok’ we asked comrade Max Hurst to write the press release on behalf of comrade Teco Lake, and comrade Teco Lake agreed,” the country’s leader told radio listeners.

He said since the minister authorised the press release, there was no need to sign. “The bottom line is that he authorised it in the presence of all his cabinet colleagues,” Browne added.

The St. John Rural South MP was replaced with Daryl Matthew ahead of a kidney transplant less than two weeks ago.

The prime minister said that Lake was given assurances that his future employment would be guaranteed even though he was not a minister of government.

“There are times when he sounds totally discombobulated, so he got to stop it. He just needs to cool and stop make Serpent take advantage of him.”

Lake was speaking on Observer Radio when he made the remarks.











  1. Lol what a country we live in this is a mess cant believe what am reading is this the country leader speaking so my god these people are crazy this is why antigua will alway be in this backward situation

  2. Haters…. can’t deal with straight and honest talking politician like PM Browne….He is not a phony…. He is sane and more intelligent than most Antiguan politician…… Mr. Pm keepon tell them like it is… Most honest people appreciate your straight forwardness…

  3. Colombo Thomas I want you to answer this question: You see any good coming from the PM telling it as it is. Name me something good that come from the pm cussing. I am waiting. Name me one good

  4. Colombo Thomas people cannot deal with Real Talk The World Boss is ensuring that Antigua and Barbuda get back the 65% that was given illegally to Sandals by the UPP

  5. OK……Point taken………Now in ref the illiterate comments above…..LOL………What did PM Browne say wrong??????? Cause I read it twice and I cant seem to find anything wrong with what he said…….Teco is not well so in all fairness he needs to resign and focus on his health….Stop pappyshowing himself full stop…..JEEZ!!! Antigua ppl SMH

    • You are a messed up person if you feel Teco should be told what to do. He us no child. This us a democracy, or should be! It seems like it is no longer but a dictatorship! Read about the end of all the world’s dictators from Hitler down to Saddam and Gaddafi. A word to the wise is sufficient. Read for yourself! Don’t eat people’s regurgitation!

      • Chupzz really. In the interest of his health they tell him step down and he vex. Power mussa ah really sweet he. He was on LIFE-SUPPORT and still he nah want let go.

      • LOL @ Socrates…..LMAO………..U have no idea do u…….Hitler??? Saddam??? Gaddafi???? They would of executed Teco…..This is a democracy and in ref to his health we recommend u resign….I have a job and my employer thinks that I am not performing well because of my health..They decide to give me a task which I can handle due to my health situation and then worse case situation they realize I am not being productive enough do u think my employer should continue to try and find ways to keep employed? Don’t you thing we should come to a point where we have a meeting and say I think It’s time to call it quit??….My employers would be dictators then? Some of yall really small minded boy SMH….

      • Socrates did u just discover Hitler, Gaddafi and Saddam……U just looked up the word dictator on google ent it??? Lemme add one more for u Joseph Stalin….Go educate yourself on the topic dictator before u come here trying to sound smart…

  6. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 TL is getting his just desserts. God don’t like ugly and the way he treated his family -his REAL family- was and is a total disgrace. This man has 2 sons of his own and hasn’t had a hand in raising either of them. That should tell you all you need to know about his character.

    But look on the bright side, now he’ll have more time on his hands to chase young girls.

  7. I thought Teco was much smarter than that….. i cant understand why he through himself to the wolf (Serpant)…. He should know better than that….. Teco made himself as an embarrasment to the nation….

    • Not to the nation. To his constituency. He showed that it was all about getting a pension for the rest of his life.

  8. Not one of you on hear criticizing the PM are more Intelligent than him..I listened to Teco on Observer,On ZDK and on Pointe FM,and on all three occasions he sounded mixed up.The Pm is right he needs to stay of the airwaves and get his health back in order,I said that way before the PM did,guess i am crazy to or a dictator.You,ll need to shut to F up,Bad minded pieces of shit.

  9. Not one of you on here criticizing the PM are more Intelligent than him..I listened to Teco on Observer,On ZDK and on Pointe FM,and on all three occasions he sounded mixed up.The Pm is right he needs to stay of the airwaves and get his health back in order,I said that way before the PM did,guess i am crazy to or a dictator.You,ll need to shut to F up,Bad minded pieces of shit.

  10. When Minister Lake has played everyone in his path. We still wish him well health wise. Speaking for what was seen over the years. All Teco Lake did was run behind young women whom he felt was gullible. He has two sons a wife and yet will play any woman who will fall for the words out of the Hon MP’s mouth. We wish you all the best in health but being in office and not treating the people fairly around you. Whether or not you cared for an individual never you treat the people who have been there for you prior to when you became ill the way that you did during the time of your illness or should we say at the onset of it. I saw with my two eyes there was a more mature lady with intelligence and grace who use to clean your home in sweetes, made sure you had clean sheets to sleep on when you needed it. We here in the village saw how you treated that lady. We say to you Mr. Lake God does not sleep. People in the village often talk about this lady wondering what has become of her and then low and behold I saw her in town and I can tell you Mr. Lake that woman to this day still represents a mature human being. God is in the mist of everything and some times he sees what you fail to see. You have treated your wife, and even women who were there before your donor badly so do not try to make it seem as though the only thing that mattered was the donor that gave you the kidney. Now we have an election to win and we shall do so with pride, wishing you health and long life but at the same time go back and fix the wrong you have done to your wife and your kids, and be a team player for the ALBP now is not the time for ill feeling towards a party that put you in office.

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