Statement from persons challenging sale of Alfa Nero


The client has released the following statement:

The ownership of the vessel was known by the Government prior to the seizure and auction, and it was never abandoned.

We are seeking the return of the vessel to its rightful and lawful owner through the proper process and legal means.

This hearing is a step in that process that stops the sale of Alfa Nero by the Government, which has no right to its ownership.

Dr Dorsett, representing the appellants in the case said, “We are grateful to have been able to put our case in front of the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal in relation to this matter.

We await judgement but are confident that the Court will recognise the reasons why an injunction to stop the sale is crucial, particularly as there are numerous matters that need to be addressed, including the hurried and unconstitutional law change that enabled the Government to seize the vessel in the first instance.”

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  1. My question is. Why when it was seized by the US government they didn’t come forward? Why wait until the sanction was lifted to come forward to say it’s yours and you have an interest, if I’m understanding correctly? Help me to understand please!

    • There is a fundamental difference between SANCTION and SEIZURE. Yes, the US government initiative placed sanctions on assets owned by a number of Russian Oligarchs. However, for the US government to seize such assets it would have to follow a legal process and the show that the seize asset was from the proceeds of crime for example. After the US government lifted the sanctions on the Alfa Nero Antigua and Barbuda went full speed ahead and seized the vessel, passing legislation to facilitate the process and claiming that the vessel was abandoned. This is a case of “what you sow you reap” and Antigua is now reaping all the negative repercussions of claiming ownership of the Alfa Nero.

  2. “The ownership of the vessel was known by the government prior to the seizure and auction …”

    My word, if the owner(s) of the Alpha Nero super yacht can produce documentary or any hardcopy of the above evidence Gaston Browne and the ABLP are in BIG trouble.

    They were warned by so many commentators to stay well clear of this, but as usual they thought they knew better than the rest of the critical and independent thinkers.

    Gaston better pray that there is no documentation available, and the REAL owners of the super yacht haven’t got the necessary proof to reclaim what belongs to them.

    Gaston’s STUBBORNNESS will not only pull him down, but will also pull down the country as well.


  3. I will say again, the motivation behind this whole Alpha Nero saga was greed, spearheaded by Gaston Browne. We now know from court documents that he tried and underhanded deal to land himself $10 million US, even before the vessel was removed from the sanction list.
    This idiot PM thinks he is above correction, when it is clear to a Grade 3 student that he made a colossal mistake involving the other clowns, Telequack, Shamu Benjamin et al.
    @Hmmm, the court documents are there to prove that prior to the attempted theft, emails and correspondences were sent to Telequack which he ignored, so don’t come with this lame thing about why the people did not come forward before.
    We are are leaking $120 thousand dollars weekly, man, and this needs to stop. This greedy, dunce continues on this no win path, because he would not listen, and the other clowns in his cabinet are compromised cowards. Max for the 6 million for Deluxe, Molwyn for the half a million Tessler and the 2.16 million cemetery money and so no.
    We must rid the country of this scourge.

  4. We Antiguans should not foot the bill for any of this. Gaston Browne and his crony Darwin Telemaque should both be required to pay all restitutions.

    They well deserve it for doing us more disservice.

  5. @Curious George

    The following deletions have been made to OFAC’s SDN List:

    ALFA NERO (ZCTL4) Yacht 2,159GRT Cayman Islands flag; Vessel Year of Build 2007; Vessel Registration Identification IMO 1009376; MMSI 319957000 (vessel) [RUSSIA-EO14024] (Linked To: GURYEV, Andrey Grigoryevich).

  6. The “Owner” isn’t stupid. The boat was sanctioned while it was in Antigua. Due to the corporation between the U.S and the Antiguan governments the “owner” was questioned and he denied that he owned the boat. As the boat was sanctioned, it could not or would not leave port and the “owner” left Antigua. The boat was only deemed abandoned as the crew and suppliers were not being paid and boat was not being maintained. Most of the crew even left leaving behind a skeleton staff. I mean…. why would they stick around working and living on a boat and not be paid? Antigua then took steps to seize the “abandoned” boat.

    The “owner” sat back knowing that the boat, suppliers and staff were not being maintained and paid and could not do so for fear of being discovered as the real owner. Now all of a sudden they step forward wanting this boat? It’s too late. Mind you if the Government didn’t seize it, I am sure the owner of the dock where it is moored would’ve taken steps to recoup what he is not being paid. For all I care, if they want it back, they can join the bid for it, but it will still be moored here as it would not be able to sail as it will still be sanctioned AND they will still have to pay to maintain the boat and staff.

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