Statement from MP Kelvin Simon On Government’s Failure to Address Ongoing Crime Wave


Statement from Hon. Kelvin Simon More Community Engagement is Required Due to Government’s Failure to Address Ongoing Crime Wave

Violent crime strikes again in St. Mary’s South and my heartfelt prayers go out to the elderly gentleman who was brutally beaten in a home invasion in Jolly Harbour last night.

This is the second incident that has occurred in just over a month and it appears that criminals are at war with innocent citizens, especially the elderly.

This administration has left us to fend for ourselves because public safety is not a priority.

The Bolans police station is still not fully equipped and officers have not been empowered with the requisite resources to function effectively.

To date, no arrests have been made in connection with the last violent home invasion, and there are many unsolved crimes in our community.

The government seems unconcerned about the reality of this brutal crime crisis. Our community continues to live in fear because of the lack of concrete action on the part of the government.

Yet the Attorney General is still trying to convince us that Antigua and Barbuda is much safer than other countries. We must get real and deal with this crime problem immediately.

We have had enough of the “sweet talk” and it is time to upgrade our crime fighting techniques by coming together as a community to ensure that the public is safe.

Very shortly, I will organize an anti-crime townhall meeting in St. Mary’s South to get direct feedback from ordinary citizens and qualified persons about how to deal with this crime situation.

We must restore public confidence and come together to give our suggestions.

This will allow us to build on solutions and strategies to fight crime. All ideas and recommendations made during this townhall meeting will be compiled into a crime action report.

We need to lead the way in developing a comprehensive plan to tackle the crime scourge and to restore hope and comfort to our community.

We need to get the input of citizens in real time and to address burning questions from all stakeholders.

The Minister of National Security has failed to demonstrate leadership.

He has failed to mobilize stakeholders to properly assess the problem and find solutions.

He refuses to address operational and administrative deficiencies in the police force that have resulted in rampant crime not just throughout our community, but throughout the length and breadth of this country.

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  1. The Most Honourable Kelvin Shugy Simon is correct about this weak ABLP government in not addressing the rising crime rate.

    Gaston Browne and his cabinet may not frequent the small businesses (especially food outlets), as many of us do, but many have now closed due to robberies or constant break-ins.

    Sadly, two that I used frequently are now closed.

    How can hardworking family businesses be DESTROYED by these utter low-life’s, who then go on to destroy others? Utter scum!

    Gaston Browne must deal with this growing menace to our society.


  2. They can find monies to double the one nation concert and expand it to two nights,but wait until last moment to give pan men help. While turn a blind eye to all the crimes especially breakings going on . Business people already suffering from low sales because of high inflation ,yet we have to be closing early because of fear . Always the cart pulling the horse with this administration.

  3. How is it the Government fault, if people allow evil to take over their actions? PLEASE…. don’t make this a “POLITICAL ISSUE” because it ISN’T.

    We saw CRIME(Murders ect.) under UPP rule too and no one blamed the Government. It is “CARNIVAL SEASON” and some of these people using the wrong way(robbery/voilence) to get quick
    I say the churches need to get more invovled with our youths, teach positive behaviours, how to become young entrepreneurs.

    Parents spend more time with your children, become inquistive towards their interests and who they associate around.

    The Government CANNOT do it alone, it takes a village to raise a child; likewise it is what you can do for your country. Let’s be our brothers keeper and look out for one another.


  4. Governments govern.
    They are paid to GOVERN FIRST.
    Enforcing civic and government duty for their people means it IS the Governments fault.

    It seems that Antiguans see everything under a flag of political bias first, and governing duty as an after thought, if at all. This is not about preferred political colour, but it IS the Government’s fault if they’re not doing the proper job they’re paid to do.

  5. Shugy the man with zero plan, lots of lies, zero investors, lots of underage girls hanging around and the boys love laying up under him to learn everything they can about a fallen from grace lay preacher & youth minister who now is willing to blow and do everything as he deems fun.
    Shugy has no message. No heroic action to bring to us, so he brings hot air and no real solution.
    Thank Goodness for carnival and wink up, shuggy will have lots to do then.

  6. @ Woman of God

    ‘and no one blamed the Government’ …….. you must have been living under a rock then when GB and the ABLP with CUTIE said Antigua was crime ridden and made so much fuss over the situation and NOW ITS MORE THAN THREE TIMES WORSE and the fat/broad sheet of Cutie claims that the country is the safest in the hemisphere. They are so lie and trying to dampen down the situation. Come on you so called Woman of God, please do not blaspheme the name of God.

  7. Good idea by MP Simon. Crime is definitely out of control in a way it has never been in the past in this country. Almost every single day there is a major incident and the perpetrators are getting bolder and bolder not giving a hoot if innocent people get hurt. People no longer feel comfortable or safe in their homes or going about their daily business. Anyone who thinks this is normal probably grew up in a crime-ridden ghetto so it is normal to them or they live in a rich or gated area and just imagine that this is normal out there. This is NOT normal for most middle class and even many poorer communities and should not be accepted as normal. This increase is happening in many countries, however many countries still have much lower crime rates so this should not be treated as normal. There must be ways to sustain a more peaceful society. It is important to determine the root causes and come up with new ways of deterring crime. It is important for the good people in communities to stand together. And, it is important to ACT not just talk.

  8. @Coming Down you sound like you eat with your asshole and shit out of your mouth. As always with ABLP dick suckers and takers their modus operandi is to smear shit on those that are making sense regarding the ills which are plaguing the Nation.

  9. WOG, I guess you were born after 2014. You couldn’t have been born before 2004. ZDK was on fire every day ,Molwyn ,Cutie ,Gaston and Max,accusing the UPP of incompetents when it comes to crime ,and also was saying how people suffering daily from hunger. Look at what is going on in society now. Our young people losing their minds daily ,high inflation and lack of morality . All kind of gangs in schools . I guess you are pretending not to be politically bias ,but from your writing it is obvious .

  10. SHUGY…Shut your DAMN mouth and learn to speak in Parliament. You are like a school bully who talk from His ARSE. Have fun now because you will never win another election in St. Mary’s South again. Dumb ASSES.

  11. @ GILLES

    You mean just like ABLP would have won all 17 seats during the last election?

    You guys sound so insipid now- bunch of time wasters and minions singing for supper. Shuggy will beat his azzzz by much much more this time. George will never ever be trusted!!!


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