Statement by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda regarding the Alfa Nero


Regarding the current ownership of the Superyacht, Alfa Nero, which has been abandoned in Falmouth Harbour for several months, leaving its crew unpaid and numerous bills unsettled, international law enforcement agencies have advised the Government that the beneficial owner of the vessel is the Russian Oligarch, Andrey Grigoryevich Guryev and his daughter, Yulia Guryeva-Motlokhov.

The suggestion that the vessel is owned by a Mr. Alexander Mavrodi is unsubstantiated, indicating that it is either a hoax by which senior members of the UPP have been duped, or it is a deliberate fabrication.  Certainly, no such claim has been made to the competent authorities in Antigua and Barbuda.

Under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda, the Port Manager gave the beneficial owner of the Alfa Nero, ten days’ public notice from 21 March to present documents of ownership, and to remove the vessel from the territory of Antigua and Barbuda. If a Mr. Alexander Mavrodi exists and, contrary to the evidence available to international law enforcement agencies, he is the verifiable beneficial owner and can substantiate his claim, he is free to advance his claim by 31 March.

If by March 31, no person declares themselves to be the beneficial owner, producing verifiable documents of ownership, by law, the Port Manager will regard the Alfa Nero as abandoned and also as a threat to the safety or security of the harbour and the wellbeing of the country. 

Consequently, the vessel will be seized and offered for sale by auction in the interest of the safety of the harbour and the well-being of the economy and the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. Port Manager, AG and PM be very very careful in your haste to sell this boat to get money. The Russian mafia not easy.

  2. I do not claim to know a lot about these maritime laws, but my research suggests that sanctions do not allow a country to take full ownership of Russian oligarchs yachts and other assets just like that. While the assets can be frozen, they still technically belong to the oligarch. A freeze simply means that the owner can’t sell or transfer ownership. Enforcing sanctions could lead to court battles that could last years. Before the Antiguan government can sell this asset, they might have to prove that this asset was directly involved in a crime which can be difficult to pin down. While I know that selling this asset would give a tremendous boost to our treasury, we might just be setting ourselves up for a long, lengthy legal battle. Many do not know this but the initial ceasing of Russian assets was to allow those assets to eventually be sold and the proceeds sent to Ukraine. Antigua I am sure have alternative thinking. Again I urge caution as we might be setting ourselves up for a huge battle down the road.


      Really my friend? All anyone has to do is to go to YouTube and see the many bills that were presented to the necessary Parliaments AND I HAVE NOT HEARD ONE SAY THE PROCEEDS WILL BE GOING TO THEIR TREASURY.

      Of course, I could be wrong, so I look forward to SOMEONE/ANYONE indicating to the Antigua & Barbuda public another country who is putting comparative money into their treasury.

      I wait.

      • My friend I have read that the US, UK, Australia and a few more countries, the proceeds from any assets ceased would eventually go to to Ukraine to help with their rebuilding efforts post war. I mentioned earlier in my piece that I i initially thought that Antigua was going do the same as well……..but I don’t know for sure and i was simply speculating that the proceeds from the sale would go into the Treasury. What do you think?

        • So Mr. Audley Phillip, this is how you do things? By speculation? The classic modus operandi of the UPP and its operatives: speculation, innuendos, and outright lies. You need to stop it, you peddler of untruths!

          Do remember you have children who are embarrassed by your public posturing.

    • @Audley: my friend, do you think they will get it sold? Who will buy it? These yatchs are equipped with GPS and the nine yards. Would you even take it for free and then next think a drone pay you a visit while you out there cruising?

      I keep saying, Antigua smallllllll, keep outta big people story.

  3. Are there any legitimate reasons to send the proceeds of sales to fight an unknown war!. Why not add it to the infrastructure bill to help finish off our roads needing desperate repairs and repaving.

  4. @ Wash n Basin. So, are you telling me that someone can’t have an independent opinion? Why is it that everything has to be politics? So if I speak about the inadequate water supply, the late pension payments, the African saga, the potholes, the APUA workers who can’t get their pensons yet, the machines inoperable at the hospital and more, does it have to be political? Waaan laaang dutty suckteeth.

    • @Fess Up: Wash an Basin is actually a high ranking politician that uses several pseudonyms on this platform. He is usually defending himself and his decisions — while attempting to gaslight the ANR followers that the comments are made by an ordinary Joe.

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