Statement by Dean Jonas about Firearm display


New Year’s Day, January 1, 2023


Attention is brought to an untruthful and morally bankrupt claim by the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) and its St. George’s Branch candidate, having been unable to get any traction in their two-year-long campaign leading to the January 18, 2023, general election.

Intentionally trailing the ABLP Candidate for the St. George’s Constituency, Honourable Dean Jonas, in their SUV outfitted with speakers, the UPP candidate and his operatives have tried to make a nuisance of themselves, coming very close to triggering physical confrontation. They have been warned to stay far away, as is the custom.

On Saturday evening, December 31, 2022, the UPP team alleges they were frightened-off when they were threatened by the display of a firearm. That claim is wholly untrue. Minister Dean Jonas denies having or displaying a firearm, and has watched as this hapless group of unworthy aspirants for public office sink into character assassination, obfuscation and unwholesome lies in an effort to persuade voters.

“I have the impression that the UPP team is growing more and more desperate,” the Honourable Dean Jonas responded, “as the smell of defeat becomes more discernible,” he remarked. The Honourable Representative of the Constituency of St. George’s reports that the losing UPP and their operatives are seeking sympathy by concocting stories that are false, irresponsible, and lacking in substance.

Sixteen more days of campaigning remain, the Representative noted; hence, the electors can expect sixteen more lies and false claims daily that are intended to achieve the snake-like ends to which all serpents aim. They are not to be believed, the Honourable Dean Jonas asserted.

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  1. I wonder what this clown would do if they stop selling hair dye? Ball head would not suit you.
    Even Gaston know your an ass clown when he fired you infront of your staff, before you beg back.

  2. Gaston did not threatened to tump Asot either. Po-lie-tician you are didn’t expect you to say anything different.
    Just say serpent is a torn in my flesh and I acted off impulse since they are getting alot of momentum and I threw tantrums

    • Were you there??? I would love to see the entire recording between Asot and Gaston….you guys are great spin Doctors…!!

  3. Furthermore, earlier Friday evening, a UPP supporter, Marlon Davis, whilst driving an announcement vehicle for the UPP candidate for St George was allegedly caught in traffic behind a black truck supposedly driven by ABLP candidate Dean Jonas that was also playing political announcements in the New Winthorpes area.
    :-Source ANR 31 Dec. 2022

    I’m confused to which story to believe.

  4. Half Full
    HALF Empty
    Ace is Ace Spade ♠️ is Spade ♠️
    SIMILARITY on PARADE vici versa
    Silly Sesson Saucy.

  5. @ Dean Jonas

    Dean I would have believed your statement …………until I read ‘sink into character assassination’, YOU AND GASTON HAVE TO BE MAD!!!!!
    The party that has been assassinating the characters of all 16 UPP candidates morning, noon and night?
    Which country have you been living in when GASTON has instructed all of you to ”dutty dem name”.
    Even in your tirade above you referred to them as ‘group of unworthy aspirants’, CAUSE ONLY ABLP CANDIDATES ARE WORTHY. YOU GUYS ,BEGINNING FROM THE PM TO YOU NEED TO LEARN SOME HUMILITY- the Bible says he who exalts himself shall be abased and he who humbles himself shall be exalted. Take heed, a haughty spirit cometh before destruction on 18/01/2023.

    • Gaston didn’t instruct anyone to “dutty up their name”. You are referring to a calypso by Richie Francis called “Narsy up their name.”

      • @Dunlopj

        Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, DO NOT PATRONISE ME


  6. So it took Dean 2 days to respond to an allegation made against him and he couldn’t even lie properly…. these people really think Antiguans are stupid….. we shall see at the polls!

  7. Dean it is ok to deny what occurred. Serpent was on air and said he was not in close proximity to say what transpired so he spoke in the 3rd party. However Dean were you not the person we saw in a circulation attempting to enter UPP St. George Branch Office compound and was held back and prevented by K. Ramsey? Cease now and Desist with the lies,social media is alive , you too damn lie.

    • @Mr. Antigua If the allegation is true that Dean carries a hand gun, how K. Ramsey stopped him? Ramsey has a gun too? Why would dean want to enter UPP branch office?

  8. In this day and age almost everyone has a cell phone that can record and take pictures especially when out campaigning. One also would think that as soon as the accused exit his vehicle or does something out of the ordinary BAM out with my phone and start to record.
    Desperation creates accusations which is now in full swing.

    • Yeah, desperation is clearly why the Ablp gangster pulled out his gun at his opposing rival

      If Antiguans elect these characters to be there leaders, then there will be no hope for this tiny nation. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Say no to politicians who threatens violence in the absence of danger.

      Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

    • @Alex…guess what? As a #freelance reporter, #paparazzi, or any reporter, to a documentary/docudrama to docu-series to reality show, my personal choice(s) for recording #The Silly_Season would be zoom lenses attached to high tech cameras, binoculars, to drones equipped with microphones and used where legal.

      Remember, #stalking does not apply to public figures in terms of gathering information about them, while, they’re in public. The minute they step out of their door and step unto/into a public space, #GAMES_On!

      Antigua reporters does not seem to do a lot of undercover, investigative reporting to ascertain facts and corroborate information.

      De ‘old Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  9. Dean Jonas is a licensed firearm holder so him saying he does not have a firearm is a blatant lie but then again lying is ABLP’s stock and trade

  10. Bloods & Crips have nothing on the ABLP gangsters!

    Is ablp a political party made up of THUGS?
    It seems ablp leader have designs of dictatorship?
    Peoples sense of morality lessens as their power increases.
    “Power tend to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” — Lord Acton

    Can the people of Antigua envision the looming threat to their democracy?

    Next Level Shit-hole is where Antigua is headed.

  11. If are you labour ministers so lie, no body should trust you to run Antigua. Lying and Thieving walk together. When the video surfaces, guess you will say it was doctored. Go and listen to the tape of what Gaston said about this guy. Don’t know why he is still around. Dean Jonas snd Chet Green using the same labour manual.

  12. Lol, these comments say it all.
    People believe whom they support.
    Whether ir not it is truth.
    None of you has stated with any vehemence of being within proximity of any alleged brandishing of a weapon.
    People tend to embellish during campaign season.
    I just hope that Antigua and Barbuda can a clean, incident-free campaign for the next few days.
    So that we can return a sense of normalcy.
    Let peace reign, my fellow pseudonym countrymen.

    • Lol, making assumptions about people based on their comments amounts to making an ass out of yourself. We know that you’re an Ablp supporter so, they’ll always get the benefit of the doubt as far as you’re concerned.
      Are you getting paid to be a board member of Antiguas Social Security Scheme while residing in the USA; if not, what kinds of perks do you recieve?

      Do you recognize that your political commentary
      usually expresses an obvious bias?

    • @Dave Ray: When the ABLP get their arses kicked out of Office on the 18th.What are you going to do,then. Are you going to work for Hilary “The Loser” Clinton again.By the way,what happened to that position promised to you by Gaston.You did not meet expectations to get it.

  13. Before he comments he has to come to me so I could concoct a lie to tell him .I am the leader they are my followers

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