State Turns Down Request To Delay Leroy King’s Extradition


The reported today that it held a discussion on the pending extradition of Leroy King to the USA, to face charges connected to the Stanford debacle.

According to the government, the lawyer representing Mr. King wrote to the Foreign Minister requesting some time extension.

However, the Attorney General was advised by the Cabinet that any delay was inappropriate.

The Privy Council ruled last week that Mr King should face the charges in the United States.

The government later announced that King will be handed over to U.S authorities.

He is wanted on as part of Stanford’s billion dollar Ponzi scheme which landed the former in jail for over 100 years.

Mr King has avoided extradition up until this point by using a number of legal maneuvers.

Meantime, the says it also held a Cabinet also held a discussion on Mehul Choksi, whose extradition to India has been the subject of debate.

He is to be granted a hearing before a tribunal, or Commission of Inquiry, under the Citizenship Act.

He has been so notified through his lawyer; consequently, a tribunal will be named by the appropriate authorities.



  1. Failure to have him extradited would cause ANTIGUANS to lose VISA privilege to come farrin ….and you know dem lub farrin baddddd…

    Good move by the ADMINISTRATION ….

  2. The small countries will continue to be prostituted by the WHITE MAN. I am not condoning the accused alleged behaviour, however a similar (international) court has ruled that USA MUST pay/compensate our country X amount of dollars and to date they just snub their noses at us, yet we must turn over our citizen for them to prosecute? It’s a pity we are NO China or Russia so probably if our authorities do not abide, they will send in their troops for which some both here and abroad will gloat because of their ignorance.

  3. “Hurry up you slaves for life and extradite him , so that we can lost him in one of our jail and remember that you all ain’t getting any money from the WTO ruling because a we run things. If by tomorrow he not on the flight, we are going to reject so many Antiguans from getting visas”. This is what they think of us.

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